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To live our purpose, safety must come first. We want to make a positive impact and do the right thing. To drive a consistent safety culture across bp, we’ve instituted a harmonized set of principles for the whole of our team
A bp employee stands on a platform, staring out over water

“Safety will always drive everything we do. We will continue to ensure our culture empowers and encourages everyone to speak up if something doesn't seem right. Who we are does that because it goes beyond safety as our core value – it literally builds safety into every aspect of our culture – it puts it at the heart of everything we do – absolutely at the heart.”


Gordon Birrell, EVP P&O



Our commitment to safety

bp is committed to the safety of our people and the communities where we operate. This requires constant vigilance and dedication.


Our safety principles apply to everyone — whether we work at the front line, in an office or laboratory, whether we have formal leadership responsibilities or not. Anyone, anywhere, can and should stop any job for any reason if they think it is unsafe. This is the most important responsibility our workers have.

Safety at Cedar Creek 2

bp Wind safety (Cedar Creek 2)