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COVID-19 information

COVID-19 frontline heroes

We are working tirelessly across bp to manage the unprecedented situation that the world is facing due to COVID-19. In line with our Safety-first approach, our response strategy is centred around safeguarding the health and welfare of our employees, customers, communities and operations - without compromising on our customer commitments.


Our response efforts are comprehensive and managed through a crisis response system that operates at global, local and operational levels. We are meeting daily to continually reassess our preparedness and responses. Such plans will continue to evolve in alignment with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s emergency declaration for COVID-19 containment and mitigation measures. 


We are also working closely with the bp Group, local government and other entities including WHO to obtain, implement and share best practices. We have robust business continuity plans in place to minimise risk of infection and to respond appropriately to infection.


We appreciate our frontline staff for keeping our operations running safely during these most challenging of times. We are doing everything we can to match the extraordinary efforts being made by them as they continue to serve and meet the needs of our customers. We are supporting our retail, airports and terminal operations in implementing additional measures to protect and keep the teams and our customers safe. This includes stepping up cleaning and hygiene routines and operating robust protocols for health and pre-mobilisation checks, social distancing and isolation. 


We will continue to monitor the evolving situation and will not hesitate to put in place the necessary steps to ensure our customers and our frontline staff are kept safe.


Below are some specific actions being taken at retail sites:

  • Our retail site will continue to supply fuel to customers.
  • All shifts to include prevention of COVID-19 as the Safety Moment.
  • Bullet Proof Glass installed at our pay points to help screen customers and site employees from transmission.   
  • Site teams are advised to keep at least a 1m distance between themselves and with customers. 
  • We are working very closely with all our shop and food suppliers to ensure continuity of supply as well as on contingency plans.
  • We are providing additional and updated health guidelines for our food and store operational teams to minimise risk to both our teams and customers.
  • All loose produce will be sold in packaging for enhanced food safety.
  • We are supporting our partners and their sites staff with educational support materials as well as global best practice.
  • All staff washing and sanitising hands - for Wild Bean Café every 15 minutes and other staff every 30 minutes. Over and above cashiers have to sanitize every 15 minutes as they handle cash and cards.
  • Constant sanitising of common equipment such as speed points, cash registers, door handles e.t.c.
  • All loose produce will be sold in packaging for enhanced food safety.
  • In the Wild Bean Café space, the already existing rigorous food safety and hygiene procedures are be applied, with even more focus on general hygiene and sanitation.


We remain committed to delivering customer service excellence. Our business continuity plans have been reviewed in line of COVID-19 risk and our Customer Contact Centre continues to operate, responding to customer queries and needs on 0860 222 166.

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