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A great work / life balance: Noémi's story

3 September 2020
While Noémi's career is advancing in the field of accounting, being responsible for the excise taxation of two European regions, she also has a great work-life balance
bp Hungary employee Noémi at her home work station

After living in the city of Vienna for three and a half years Noémi returned home to Hungary with advanced German language skills, some work experience in her pocket and with the intention of finding a job, where she can capitalize these skills. Having worked at sectors different from the shared service sector, she had difficulties finding work-life balance, as her experience was that employees in the field of finance and accounting are often overworked.


After hearing the opposite about bp and having a headhunter suggesting her a job here, she started her career as an Excise Tax Accountant.


At this job she is dealing with German excise tax activities, making sure that the tax related supporting documents are accurate, complete and that they comply with the applicable laws. If a record is missing, it is her responsibility to manage it with the German business, tax team or tax authority.   


Taxation is always a sensitive topic, even a small issue can lead to serious consequences. That’s why it is extremely important that everything is in its right place in the right time.

Stepping up the ladder

Noémi’s first job at bp was an Excise Tax Accountant, where she was responsible for declarations in Germany, one of her first experiences was a trip to Hamburg. There, she was handed over the tasks from the German colleagues. The face-to-face interactions resulted in a great work-relationship with the colleagues in Hamburg, which is useful as they are working together on many tasks daily, ever since.  


As of March, this year, Noémi became an Excise Tax Senior Accountant, which is a great step forward in her career. She was assigned to take over the excise tax processes of the Nordic countries as well, in addition to her previous responsibilities in the German region.



It is a more serious job, as I am not only supporting processes and making sure, everything is correct, but I am the one to actually create the tax declarations of Air bp in the Nordic countries and submit them to the tax authorities.


The majority of this job is done in English, about which Noémi is very glad, as she receives all the support she needs, including language courses, provided by bp.


I have always wanted to work at a company, where while being able to actively use my language skills, I can also continuously develop them.

Being part of a true "One Team"

On a day to day basis she works with tax advisor colleagues from bp, tax authorities in Germany and the Nordic region as well as with smaller, 3rd party organizations. She makes sure that the records are consistent in everyone’s books.


This might sound a lot, but according to Noémi, bp has a work-life balance that can be considered one-of-a-kind, especially in the world of finance.


This is my first workplace, where I feel like a truly became part of “One Team”. I managed to develop friendships that last beyond working hours and job-related topics. A reason for that, is that here at bp, we spare time for team building. That’s a great approach we are doing on a company level.

She is also very enthusiastic being a bp brand ambassador and participating in public events such as job fairs to promote bp from a firsthand experience.



I think it is important to include colleagues when it comes to showcasing, as they are the ones to give a relevant picture about what is it like to work here. I love the impulses I experience and the many colleagues I become friends with, that I otherwise would have never met if it weren’t for these activities, that go beyond my daily tasks.


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