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Capturing opportunities for hydrogen and CCUS: Ben’s story

3 December 2021

As a commercial developer, Ben’s role is focussed on finding and developing new project opportunities for bp across the world

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Considering the driving force behind his career so far, Ben reflects:


If I had to boil it down, I would say that I love solving big complex problems.

And opportunities to do this in his 8 years with bp have come from across the business. Beginning his career in sub-surface, working in Angola, Ben shifted his focus to developing digital solutions, before joining bp’s growing hydrogen and carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) business. Although Ben admits he somewhat fell into working in hydrogen and CCUS three and half years ago, he is hugely excited about their potential to decarbonize a range of sectors – such as heavy industry and transport. “Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time and I am passionate about harnessing hydrogen and CCUS to help find a solution to it”, Ben says. 


It is a super interesting part of the business with massive growth potential. There’s a lot of external excitement too – even if I constantly bore my friends with hydrogen and CCUS facts and news!

Developing decarbonisation projects 


As a commercial developer, Ben’s role is focussed on finding and developing new project opportunities for bp across the world.


I love that my work has a global scope. I spend a lot of time imagining new concepts for new parts of the business and identifying where there is supply and demand to focus our attention.

With both technologies relatively nascent in their development, bp is engaging and working with a range of partners to harness their potential and create a real market for hydrogen and CCUS. “A lot of my time is spent working with different stakeholders, both internal and external”, Ben explains. “I find it particularly interesting to speak to third parties, including governments and other companies, to progress projects forward.” In the UK, for example, Ben is working with a range of stakeholders to develop bp’s planned hydrogen and CCUS projects in Teesside, in the North-East of England. 


This is an exciting area where we are building first-of-its-kind type projects.

 And the scale of the opportunities that bp is pursuing is also important for Ben.


I would say the best thing about working at bp is the chance to work on these new, mega-scale decarbonisation projects, like the ones in Teesside, that will fundamentally help to change the world for the better.

An exciting, growing team 


To drive forward exciting projects in hydrogen and CCUS, Ben realises a whole range of skills and backgrounds will be needed. Although many of his team are relatively new to the sector, he highlights the transferable skills that are essential for success.


The required skillset needed for hydrogen and CCUS is virtually identical to traditional upstream energy projects. We’re looking for people who have analytical abilities, can solve problems and articulate complex concepts in simple ways.

With bp’s hydrogen and CCUS business growing rapidly, Ben feels energised by the positive feeling in the team: 


We genuinely have a chance to change the world’s energy system to meet net zero. What’s more exciting than that?

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