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Thriving in a global workplace: Betty’s story

7 October 2021

Having been at bp for five years, Betty has worked in four different roles. She has pushed herself to embrace new challenges, seeing them as chances to drive innovation and develop new skills

Six months ago, Betty took on a new role at bp, looking after a global operations team and driving a procurement transformation program. She flourishes in her role, bringing out the best in people and embracing opportunities to collaborate across diverse teams to solve challenges.


Betty knew from early on in her career that she wanted to work in a multinational organisation, connecting with colleagues across the globe. “Being in a range of different environments encourages me to be adaptable, learn quickly, and understand how to manage diverse stakeholders” she shares.


Describing the opportunity to work with team members from across Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Pune, Szeged, Budapest, the UK and US, she says, 


The diversity in the team is so exciting. My team members are located in different countries, so being able to work with people from different cultures is an invaluable experience.

Digitizing transformation 


Based in Kuala Lumpur, Betty leads a team which are looking to digitalise systems to change the way that users seek support during their procurement processes. “It’s a challenging project with lots of moving parts, but establishing a standardised support model will help bp provide a seamless experience for our users and suppliers globally” she explains.


Betty also notes that standardising operations underpins the feasibility of bp’s net zero ambition.


As we grow the low carbon side of the business, operations need to be in place to support the scaling-up of our gas and low carbon business. In order to define and deliver our transformation aspirations, procurement will only become more important.

 Working with a variety of different teams across bp including IT and communications, Betty sees GBS as an important part of bp’s businesses, which is “not only helping businesses run their operations”, but also helping the company “innovate and transform to meet the demands of our customers and our suppliers.” 


Her work to streamline and digitise procurement processes is part of a wider effort to ensure that GBS has access to robust data that fuels insight-driven decision making.


Embracing new challenges


Having been at bp for five years, Betty has worked in four different roles. She has pushed herself to embrace new challenges, seeing them as chances to drive innovation and develop new skills. “I love the challenges that come with each role because I'm learning something new every day”, Betty says.


Procurement is a new area for Betty, and she feels that her leading role in a global team shows that bp has embraced her career progression and offered her the chance to develop “different types of skills, including functional skills and leadership skills” at the same time.


She adds that her own ambitions align with bp’s innovation aspirations, “my proudest moments at bp have always been when I’m learning new things and working with different teams to improve the operations.”


Describing the inclusive culture which fosters collaboration across her projects, Betty shares “we’re all empowered to speak up”, and she is proud of the values and behaviours shared by all employees across the organisation. 


Seeing that one team spirit at bp is incredible. Being able to have the right conversations and raise awareness of issues important to the business and employees not only helps to foster an environment of inclusivity – it helps gives purpose to the work I do.


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