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BP Australia partnerships

3 October 2019
We are committed to sustainably supporting the local communities and environments in which we operate. In Australia, our social investment aims to create shared value for both BP and society

Murra partnerships

We're investing $100,000  to support the MURRA Indigenous Business Masterclass Program over 2016 and 2017.


Each year the MURRA Program provides 20 to 30 Indigenous business leaders with an opportunity to participate in three intensive, four-day modules over a single year, to develop leadership, strategy, business acumen and negotiation skills. 

Indigenous supplier partnerships

We’re proud of our relationships with a diverse range of Australian suppliers, including Indigenous suppliers.


As part of our strong commitment to supporting the growth and competitiveness of Indigenous businesses in Australia, our spend with Indigenous suppliers in 2016 topped $600,000 and we’re aiming to increase this spend to $1.1 million in 2017.  Check out our partnership with Indigiearth.

During 2017, we expanded our partnership with Supply Nation, Australia’s leading Indigenous supplier diversity organisation by launching an Indigenous fuel card. This card is available to almost 1,000 Supply Nation Indigenous suppliers. The card provides successful applicants with access to a fuel discount of 4 cents per litre, as well as technology and online systems that provide convenience, security and flexibility to help run their businesses.

Check out our partnership with Indigiearth

Indigenous communities: The impact of Opal Fuel

BP developed Opal fuel – a low-aromatic fuel to help tackle petrol sniffing. After consultation with 10 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Central Australia, Opal was introduced in 2005 into 37 remote communities. Low-aromatic fuel is now available in over 125 remote communities and BP is a proud supplier of the fuel in a number of areas, including South Australia, Central Australia and the Western Australia Goldfields region. Since its inception, low-aromatic fuel has reduced the incidence of petrol sniffing by up to 88 per cent in affected communities.

Learn more about BP and Opal