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Electric vehicles and electronic music: Christoph’s story

12 December 2021

A typical day for Christoph involves him working with a range of partners to drive forward projects which support the roll out of electric vehicle infrastructure

Christoph prides himself on having a truly international outlook on life. Originally from Belgium, he studied engineering in both his home country and Italy. Then in his role as a strategy consultant before joining bp, he lived and worked around the world – from the UAE to Mexico – before settling in London. “I’m still an avid traveller and my passion for food means I love tasting the local cuisine wherever I am”, Christoph says. “Another passion of mine is electronic music."


“When I get the chance, I accompany one of my close friends – an international techno DJ – on her tours.”When he is not pursuing his passions for travel, food and electronic music, Christoph’s role allows him to maintain a global lens through his work in bp’s Customers & products business. “I recently got promoted to lead the roll out of electric vehicle (EV) fleet charging, with an international portfolio across Europe”, he explains.


I don’t think there are many other companies that could match the level of responsibility that bp has given me, at my level of experience, to roll out this new and exciting infrastructure in so many countries.

Striking partnerships to drive electrification


A typical day for Christoph involves him working with a range of partners to drive forward projects which support the roll out of electric vehicle infrastructure, both in markets where bp is already leading – such as the UK – as well as in new geographies. Explaining what this means for bp’s ambition to transition to a net zero company, Christoph says:


I believe electrification is a key pillar of bp’s ambition. We’re doing this by being a partner to our customers and coming up with the best solutions to facilitate their transition to electric vehicles.

To help achieve this, Christoph highlights the importance of working alongside a team which is “customer-obsessed”. Expanding on this, he says that “this includes people who know how to build, develop, and deliver a product roadmap, while actively listening to customers to understand their needs.” 


A recent milestone for Christoph and his team was the launch of a fleet charging hub in London, which includes dedicated charging for Uber partner-drivers. “Uber is everywhere, and they have a huge number of consumers”, he says. 


If bp can help them transition to EVs, then we are truly delivering on our targets to become a reinvented company.

Working with the best team 


It is the dynamic mindsets of those within Christoph’s team that make projects like this a success. “I am surrounded by curious and inquisitive people who are constantly trying to understand our customers as much as is possible to find the best solutions to their problems”, he reflects. Just as importantly as their approach to work, Christoph highlights the inclusivity of all members of his team. “People at bp aren’t judgemental and I don’t feel like I need to hide parts of my personality”, he says.

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