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Bringing your whole self to work: Daniel's story

03 March 2020
Daniel Sprich is a solutions manager in the Global Operations Organisation (GOO), part of BP Upstream IT&S. Originally from Germany, Daniel joined BP in London after completing his MBA in 2011

Up until recently, Daniel was co-chair of BP’s LGBT employee network, BP Pride, in Sunbury. He continues to be actively involved in raising awareness of LGBT issues in the workplace, a cause which he believes passionately in.


Bringing your whole self to work

In my career prior to BP, I didn’t have the courage to be out at work – as a gay man - because the environment didn’t feel right.

“I just experienced how difficult it was not bringing your whole self to work. You make up stories all the time about your private life. Your mind is constantly busy so your employer loses out on you. I thought, since I have experienced this, I want to get involved in the BP Pride network, and I have made that step to be out at work.”


Finding your inner balance


Daniel points out that diversity and inclusion in the workplace is not just about one minority group. “We are not only one thing, we all tick a lot of boxes.” To him, an inclusive workplace is one where everybody has the same opportunities, “no matter their gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, skin colour, background, or beliefs. In terms of behaviour, it's about listening, encouraging people, and being respectful, but also questioning the status quo.”


He believes the key to achieving greater diversity and inclusion is to create an environment where employees can also focus on their inner balance. “I think it's important that you share with others what's important for you for your inner balance, what drives you, and what makes you get up in the morning. If the people around you know how you can be at your best, they will create an environment where you can achieve that. If my colleagues, teams, and stakeholders are happy, it makes me happy as well.”


“From a broader perspective, balance means that we should, as an organisation, reflect the communities we represent and live in.”


A supportive employer


When it comes to being supported at work, Daniel points to BP’s open and respectful culture as a key enabler: “BP is very open at providing a platform where people can talk about issues, where the problems are, and what we need to do to tackle them. I think that's the most important thing – BP is truly a business that wants to improve itself as an employer and make itself a better place for employees.”


“When it comes to gender balance, I would say that BP is quite self-aware: there is still a lot to do, but as long as we recognize that and continue the work, the situation will improve.”

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