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Never give up: Emin’s story

2 December 2020

Emin, paralysed following an operation whilst completing his undergraduate degree, discusses how having a disability has not been an obstacle at bp in Azerbaijan, where he is currently completing a three-month internship

While completing his undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Management at Qafqaz University – one of Azerbaijan’s leading universities – a brain operation left the left side of Emin’s body paralysed. But Emin hasn’t let this hold him back. Following his personal mantra to “never give up”, he continued his studies and went on to obtain a master’s degree in Business Administration at ADA University. 


Emin then came across the People With Disabilities internship on the British Council website, and immediately realised that it was the perfect opportunity for him. The internship programme helps students with disabilities to find internships, with the potential of being offered a full-time role upon completion. 



By providing me with unique opportunities such as my current internship at bp, the PWD programme will assist me in finding my dream job in procurement, supply chain and logistics in the oil, gas and energy sector.

Familiarising himself with the business 


Emin is currently completing a three-month internship as a logistics coordinator within the procuring and supply chain management division at bp. He’s grateful for the ways in which this has allowed him to familiarise himself with the different areas of the business. More specifically, his work within the logistics department has confirmed his desire to work in this field in the future. 


Emin’s day-to-day responsibilities involve researching, reviewing and preparing reports which are then uploaded to bp’s library system for all employees to access. But perhaps his favourite part of the internship has been going on site visits. 


“In my first week, my team members invited me to join them on a site visit. I got to see the waste disposal of bp’s manufacturing products, the warehousing of equipment, and the ways in which the crew are transferred by helicopter to and from Baku Seaport. It was so insightful and gave me a concrete understanding of the activities of bp’s logistics teams.” 


A culture that stands out 


Even after only a few months at the company, it’s clear to Emin that the culture at bp stands out for its awareness, equality and empathy.



bp is clearly one of the leading companies in Azerbaijan when it comes to creating equal opportunities for all employees. At bp, having a disability is not an obstacle.

There’s also a strong culture of collaboration – which in turn creates an inspiring learning environment. As an intern, Emin has worked with different members of the logistics team – from drivers to senior staff. “I’m really happy about the relationships I have established with my colleagues. I learn best by observing others, so this direct engagement has been great for my personal development.” 


Proud – of bp and of himself 


Emin is proud to be working for a company with such remarkable objectives for the future.



Through my internship, I have been able to witness how bp is focusing on decreasing its environmental impact, investing in sustainability and developing a more agile management style.


And he’s also proud of how he got where he is today. When asked what advice he has for a student with a similar disability, Emin says:



Never, ever give up. Don’t wait for opportunities to come your way: seek them out. If you can’t walk, swim. If you can’t swim. Try, try, try!


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