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Engineering: what's in it for women?

9 October 2019
If you are actively considering an engineering career, or it’s one of a couple of options on your mind, there are many reasons why it can be a good move, particularly for women
Something different every day

To start with, it will provide you with new and complex challenges every day. The world has a growing need for existing and different forms of energy to be delivered in ever-more innovative ways.

You’ll always be in demand

Energy touches everybody. How do you heat your home? Get from A to B? What do hospitals, schools and businesses run on?

We need energy that is cleaner and better - and we need it soon. Opportunities in engineering are vast and getting bigger all the time.


The dual challenge: advancing the energy transition

Working with advanced technology, anywhere

You could be finding oil deep below ground and bringing it to the surface, helping process and transport it to customers around the world, or almost anything in between.

You could specialize in the area that fascinates you, whether that’s automotive, drilling, electrical, marine, construction, civil, structural, geochemical, control and automation, interventions, pipelines, naval architecture, subsea and floating systems and more.

You could also be working with some of the most advanced technology in the industry, anywhere from Azerbaijan to the North Sea.  

Sounds underground

Be heard from day one

Whatever role you find yourself in, it’s more than likely you will be working alongside people from different backgrounds and disciplines.

We value diversity and inclusion, so your voice will be heard right from the start. You will have every opportunity and our full encouragement to develop the skills and knowledge to progress your career.

A career built around you

Only 6% of the current UK engineering workforce is made up of women, and we want to change that. Flexible hours or working part-time are both very real options at BP, helping you combine your family commitments with your career ones. Perhaps a change of role would mean you can spend more time with them. In which case, we will help there too.

You’re part of a vital seam of talent that’s a key part of BP’s future.

Real support and mentoring

Hani Baluch, a petroleum engineer, based in Moscow, told us about her experience here at BP. “I have had a variety of roles, which have taken me offshore to the West of Shetland and the largest gas field in the USA, located in the Texas Panhandle.”

She notably cites the mentoring and support she’d had with BP. “I genuinely feel there are no barriers or restrictions for women progressing in this industry. Yes, the oil and gas industry does have a higher proportion of males to females, but if we do not encourage young women to pursue careers in science and engineering, this will never change!”

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