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Making interviews count

12 February 2020
So, it’s the end of the interview and now it’s your turn to ask some questions. Make them count!

Remember, there are two sides to every interview. On the one side there’s the interviewer, trying to learn more about you, your skills and your experience. On the other side there’s you, trying to work out whether the company and role are really what you’re looking for.


By asking the right questions, you not only show prospective employers you’re prepared, motivated and enthusiastic, but you also get to find out whether it’s the right role for you. 

Here are a few suggested questions to get you going:

Can you tell me how this role relates to the overall structure of the organisation?

This is a great opening question, and an opportunity to connect the broader strategic direction of the company to your role.

What attracted you to the organisation initially and has this view changed over time?

Showing an interest in what your interviewer thinks about the organisation will drive rapport, while also providing excellent insight from a current employee.

How would you describe the culture within the organisation and what kind of people tend to thrive here?

You spend the majority of your waking hours at work so it’s crucial you know what the working environment is like. Different cultures suit different types of people – make sure you join one where you can really thrive.

What was it about the previous person who did this role that made them successful?

This will ensure the interviewer sits up and listens. It signals that you want to be a real success in the role, which is what every manager wants to hear.

What are the biggest challenges the person in this position will face?

Insightfulness is always a great quality to demonstrate during an interview. This question shows that you recognize every job has challenging elements and that you’re already thinking about what it will take to succeed in this role.

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