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Crunching the data behind bp’s ambition: Jinesh’s story

6 April 2022

Jinesh is a data engineer at bp dataWorx in Pune, India – an organization within bp whose role is to transform data into information assets

Growing up working in his father’s computer shop,  Jinesh remembers customers coming in every day with their challenging IT problems. He recalls how he admired the way his dad’s team would interact with customers to solve different problems, one–by–one, with different solutions each time. “This inspired me, and I got hooked on the idea of working continuously to come up with innovative ideas to overcome problems,”  he reminisces.  


This early love of IT led Jinesh to complete a Bachelor of Engineering degree, and then a Master of Technology, at BITS Pilani, where he focused on software system data analytics. While at university, he knew he wanted a career in computing, but had not decided which area he wanted to focus on. It was only post–university, after one year of work, that he discovered his passion for data engineering. Now he is a data engineer at bp dataWorx in Pune, India – an organization within bp whose role is to transform data into information assets.


Equipping bp leadership to make the big decisions around net zero 


For Jinesh, what’s most interesting about his job, is gathering all of bp’s production statistics, operations details and hydrocarbon emissions to calculate how it is progressing to reach its net zero ambition. “Using this data, we report to the regulatory department on a daily basis to demonstrate how we are reducing our carbon footprint – and this is an area of my role that I find to be particularly exciting,”  he says.  


Jinesh’s role in gathering the raw data from bp’s energy generation sources and restructuring it in a meaningful way that enables bp’s leadership and employees to make impactful and accurate decisions is vital. He believes that he is “a direct contributor to bp’s ambition”, adding that “the numbers I record become the important measurement statistics that will shift our future for the better. I see myself as providing a golden source of truth for bp.”


bp has developed an exciting hub in Pune, drawing on a range of digital and data expertise. And for Jinesh, he anticipates the hub becoming a key player in delivering innovation and engineering solutions within bp.



Pune is and will continue to be an active contributor to bp’s target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, or sooner. Across every project at Pune, we are keeping this ambition in sight and are striving to reach this in short–term goals over the next five years."

A digital–first company 


Jinesh is convinced that bp has best–in–class innovation and engineering capabilities. Throughout his career, he has worked across various industries and within different types of businesses and has also seen how start–ups can move quickly to use new technologies like the cloud. “Despite being a larger organization dealing with important sums of data, I find bp to be equally agile in terms of digital adaptability,"  he says.  


And Jinesh feels that now is the perfect time for digital self–starters with innovative mindsets and a passion for contributing to the creation of a sustainable future to join the company.



Not only does bp have excellent digital capabilities, but the organization also presents an opportunity to use our digital skills as a force for good. Every person at bp, no matter the seniority of their role, is contributing to bp’s ambition of reimagining energy. We all play an important part."


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