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Creating an environment where working families can thrive: Lex’s story

10 July 2024

We talk to Lex about bp’s recent recognition at the UK Working Families Best Practice awards

Lex and family
bp has just been recognised at the UK Working Families Best Practice awards – for the second year running! This time we won ‘best family network’, with the judges praising bp’s inclusive culture. We speak with Lex, one of Working Families Business Resource Group (BRG)’s committee members on why she thinks bp deserves this award. 


Congratulations on winning UK Best Family Network! What do you think helped bp stand out?  


I think there are so many reasons! The shear breadth of activities the network supports I believe stood out most. With over 2,000 UK members, we strive to represent differing family structures through a suite of activities – the network is a hive of activity! We’re also fortunate that our chief financial officer is our executive sponsor. The award is recognition of the brilliant work that bp and the Working Families group do each day to create an environment where working families can thrive.

What do you get out of being a committee member? 


Committee members are passionate about the network and personally, I love the collaborative and creative spirit the team brings. We can develop alternative skill sets from leading or supporting one of our six key workstreams to facilitating panel discussions with senior leaders. For me, the real reward is seeing firsthand the benefit the network delivers for bp parents and carers. (i.e. policy changes!) We’re given regular feedback on the impact of our contributions and this plays into our end of year performance appraisals. There are also Energize recognition points available for great work which we can spend on virtually anything. And in some cases, there are spot bonuses for outstanding contributions.

Which employees are typically attracted to join the committee?


We have between 15-20 committee members from across the business overseen by three co-chairs. This offers opportunities to collaborate with colleagues you’d never normally encounter. I’ve made great friends in the 4 years I’ve been engaged in the network. Our contribution is voluntary and so you can flex your contribution in line with your workload - which as parents and carers we all need! The network encourages inclusivity seeking input and perspectives from committee members who represent different family structures, such as blended families, elderly caregivers or carers of children with additional needs to name a few.

How has the network influenced working family policies at bp? 


Last year was a busy year for the network, influencing three key policy changes. Firstly, advocating for a neonatal care leave policy, which was introduced in January this year. bp now offers extra leave and full pay for the parents of babies who need neonatal care. We also advocated for our employee assistance policy to provide support to children from 12 years (originally 16 years+). And lastly, following a review of our child and elder back up care, we influenced the booking policy so parents and carers can secure support sooner.

What kind of events does the network regularly put on? 


Last year alone we delivered 30+ family-friendly events and webinars, including panel sessions with senior leaders and weekly conversation cafes. We also have a partnership with the Science Museum in London where we’ve put on bespoke events for bp employees and their families. We delivered two annual flagship events including our Working Families Awareness Week with lots of great work-life content. There’s also our bp Family Day, where last year we had over 2,000 employees and their families come to our Sunbury office for an afternoon of fun activities – my favourite day in the office!


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