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Innovating to electrify the world: Luisa’s story

22 November 2021

Luisa is dedicated to creating solutions which can make the roll out of electric vehicles at scale possible

Luisa Galvao at work

Growing up in Brazil, Luisa realised at a young age that the industries about which she was passionate – digital and energy – were less developed in her home country. Luisa accepted that she may have to leave Brazil to pursue these passions and progress her career in the field that she loves.


Reflecting on this moment, Luisa looks back in pride at this brave step and the knowledge she has gained since making it.   


In hindsight, I would tell myself not to be afraid.
If you are dedicated enough, things will pay off.

In her current role as Electrification Product Manager, Luisa is dedicated to creating solutions which can make the roll out of electric vehicles at scale possible. With a focus on home charging, Luisa works with colleagues across bp to develop products which empower customers to charge their electric vehicles at home in a way that is faster and more efficient way than using a regular plug. “It has been an amazing two years at bp – fast-paced and very interesting,” Luisa reflects.


It is so exciting to see new, innovative products being launched and growing from zero!

A passion for energy  


After buying her own first form of EV – an electric bicycle – in 2011, Luisa fell in love with this technology that allowed her to pedal less and turn her 30-minute commute into one of 10 minutes. “As time went by, I managed to convince my colleagues to also commute with electric bikes”, she explains. “This influenced my career in a huge way, as I learned what’s important to encourage the transition to electrification from a customer perspective”.  

Luisa’s role allows her to tie together her own experience as an EV customer with her passion for all forms of energy and how it moves the world. “This isn’t just about the energy used to power things, but also the positive energy of people. I believe energy moves everything we do in life”, she says.


I love working in this sector and driving the transition to a cleaner future.

And this career has given her the opportunity to explore another of her passions – digitalisation.


Electrifying the energy system is very much a digital business. We are selling electrons which you can’t stock or touch to start with! Everything we do is underpinned by digital, and in the future, we will continue to move in the direction of viewing digital as being the business itself!

Learning on the job


Within such a quickly evolving sector, at the intersection of digital and energy technologies, Luisa’s work is underpinned by innovation and experimentation. “There is no book or university degree telling us how to electrify the world”, Luisa says.


All the skills I use have been learned on the job through the opportunity to work with the best people in the industry.

In fact, Luisa cites joining her current team as the highlight of her career:


The team is truly amazing, and I am so proud that I was given the opportunity to join. It is the best job I have ever had.

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