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#MyBPInternship: Aydan

26 September 2019
BP interns around the world took to their own social media channels to share some of their internship highlights. One of these was Aydan, an intern in Azerbaijan. She’s agreed for us to share some of her posts here
1.  First lesson. Safety, respect, excellence, courage, one team; in other words, BP values… these are all about my supportive team. #MyBPinternship
2. Just a few months ago I was reading about this stuff in books preparing for my BP internship interview, and now I’m on a site visit getting to participate in a testing procedure with the help of my supervisor. This summer is the best I’ve ever had, thank you for everything BP and my great team!
3. There is no more awesome feeling than joining the 25 years experience of BP in Azerbaijan. #25yearsTogether #MyBPinternship #myDesk
4. Waiting for the meeting with my team. So excited to present my project in front of well-educated specialists. #MyBPinternship #Happy
5. This view from BP office energizes me for working hard on my project. Dear summer, please do not end, I will miss you so much. #MyBPinternship
6. From the photo shoot for TechnoFest 2017. Safety, respect, excellence, courage, one team, the values that make BP. #MyBPinternship
7. Photos from the summer intern session with the VP of wells – gained lots of valuable advice, as well as pizza! Thank you for taking the time to meet with us! #MyBPInternship
8. My line manager, great supporter, and role model Darren! #MyBPinternship
9. Third place winner of AGT Technofest 2017 Competition. What a memorable day that I will never forget! #MyBPinternship
10. From the coolest barbeque party with the rig engineering team. Trying out a Texas-style barbeque for the first time, so delicious. #MyBPinternship
11. Farewell gifts from the rig engineering team. Thank you. Being a part of BP, even for a short period of time, was amazing. #MyBPinternship #happy

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