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Unleash your potential - dream, believe, become

8 October 2019
BP’s Fuzzy Bitar says there is no better time to join the oil and gas industry

In a new opinion piece for the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP), Bitar addresses the future of the industry and how young people will be a major part of solving the dual challenge and advancing the energy transition.



While Bitar is head of BP’s Upstream executive office in his day job, he also acts as chair of energy industry group the IOGP.


On the challenge


“The transition to a lower carbon energy system will shape the future of our industry. The task ahead of us has never been so great - meeting the world’s growing demand for energy while reducing emissions.”


From his experience


“As someone who has spent over thirty years in this industry... I can’t think of a more exciting or rewarding career for anyone. It will require addressing complex challenges and helping to solve big issues. All with a goal of helping to advance human progress.”


Technology’s role:


“With the unlimited potential of the digital revolution and new technology, our industry is set to significantly change and evolve. That also means we are looking for people with a variety of skill sets.

“At the heart of what we do, we will always need engineers and geoscientists, but we also need software developers and data
, not to mention the human skills of teamwork, building trust and the ability to lead and inspire others.”


Working at BP


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