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Ramadan, bp and me

24 April 2024

We speak with three colleagues about how they feel supported at bp during the holy month

Ramadan Eid
The month of Ramadan is the biggest Muslim festival of the year. We spoke with three colleagues about the significance of Ramadan, what support they have at bp and why sharing their experiences with others is so important. Meet Aminat, Nada and Zuhayr. 


What support networks do you lean on during Ramadan?


Working closely with Muslim colleagues from India is an eye-opening experience, showcasing the nuances of cultural traditions. Despite the distance, we are able to form a supportive network, sharing customs and encouraging each other along the way. This is invaluable in balancing work commitments with religious observances.” – Zuhayr.
Having co-workers who are also observing Ramadan is great. It provides a network of solidarity as we navigate fasting, spiritual practices and work obligations all together. We feel a sense of community that helps us stay motivated and connected during this sacred, beloved month.” – Nada.


What bp facilities do you take advantage of? 


bp’s prayer room is a great resource, allowing me to fullfil my religious obligations more efficiently without the need to leave the company’s premises. It enables me to quickly step out and engage in my spiritual activities without any inconvenience.” – Nada.

Our Sunbury office has a great prayer room, which I always use both in and outside Ramadan. While fasting, it’s a place to decompress and spiritually recalibrate while colleagues are away at lunch.” – Aminat.
Ramadan at bp

In what ways do your line manager and colleagues accommodate your needs?


Once during Ramadan I was supposed to travel outside the UK for two weeks to attend some project review sessions. Instead, I requested to attend online as I did not want to worry about what to start and break my fast with. No further questions were asked!” – Aminat.
Working in a global team across time zones allows me to schedule all my meetings in the mornings. This gives me the flexibility to complete my other work activities at times which work around my prayers and Ramadan schedule.” – Zuhayr

How does bp create a supportive environment for celebrating Eid al-Fitr, the festival marking the end of Ramadan?


bp's policy of allowing employees to work on public holidays and take the day off when suitable for them is incredibly supportive. I’ve previously worked on Good Friday and used the bank holiday for Eid celebrations. This flexibility demonstrates bp's commitment to accommodating the diverse needs of its employees and creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected.” – Zuhayr
bp’s employee resource group allocated a budget for our Muslim colleagues to host a Houston event celebrating Eid – this enabled us to share our traditions, delicacies and culture with our colleagues.” – Nada

How do you feel about sharing your experiences of Ramadan with those unfamiliar with the traditions and significance of the holy month?


Religion is a focal part of my identity. Sharing my experiences and beliefs with my colleagues allows us to better understand each other and provides a safe space to answer any questions they may have. This deeply promotes a culture of inclusion where colleagues mutually value each other for their differences, resulting in stronger working relationships.” – Zuhayr


I believe that sharing experiences of Ramadan can be enriching and fosters religious understanding and appreciation, while promoting empathy and unity within our workplace community. Through respectful, professional discussions about culture and practices, we can ultimately create a more open and inclusive environment for everyone.” – Nada


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