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Reflecting the evolving character of bp

9 November 2021

Some of bp’s most talented young technologists and apprentices have been presented with this year's Tallow Chandlers Awards for showing outstanding performance within the company and in their communities

The technologists and apprentices are also awarded for their delivery of successful technical innovations that have contributed to the advancement of the industry.


The ceremony was held at The Worshipful Company of Tallow Chandlers in London. Speaking at the event, David Eyton, EVP innovation & engineering said: 


This year’s cohort reflect the evolving character of bp – a greater focus on community, customer solutions, and sustainability in all its guises.

Meet the apprentice winners

Amadou Camara

Trainee instrument technician, production & operations


Overall candlestick winner
The Tallow Chandlers Award is something that I've aspired to win ever since I heard about it in 2017. It really was a dream come true and it's been amazing to see how proud I’ve made my family, friends and colleagues. Of course everyone loves a bit of praise just to let them know they’re doing well and at this stage of my career, it really doesn’t get any better than this. The Tallow Chandlers Award is a very prestigious achievement, and I’m really honoured to receive one.

Ellio Da Costa

Engineering cadet, trading & shipping

It means so much to win such a prestigious award. It goes to show that hard work pays off and I’m so honoured. I’d like to thank all those who supported me throughout my career. The award is representative in all those who supported me both professionally and personally, putting me in a position to succeed.

Elliot Brooke-Freeman

Trainee electrical technician, production & operations

It’s a big honour to be one of the winners this year as Tallow Chandlers has a long history with bp and there’ve been loads of worthy previous winners.

George Frankland

ETO cadet, trading & shipping

Winning the award was a fantastic honour. To me it really represents the culmination of three good years, and three years of hard work spent within bp maritime services working as an ETO (electro-technical officer) cadet. It’s a reflection of the work that I’ve put in, and to me it represents the start of a long and successful career within bp.

Meet the technologist winners

Safira Vijaya

Rotating equipment engineer, production & operations


Overall candlestick winner
Winning was absolutely major milestone but this It’s not the finish line. And it means I should never stop learning. My project does not stop here. Winning Tallow Chandlers is the perfect time to scale my project up to give a greater impact to bp. There is so much room for improvement.

James Newton-Savage

Development technologist, innovation & engineering

It means a lot to me to win the Tallow Chandlers Award. I’ve seen and heard a lot from the past winners of the award. These guys are working on projects with real significance and this is what I aspire to achieve myself in the company. I’ve also found this project very exciting, rewarding, and I feel it’s having a positive impact on the strategy and direction of the company, and this is what makes me keep working in that area.

Nhlanhla Dube

Technical support technologist, innovation & engineering

First and foremost, I’d like to say thanks to my colleagues Mark and Brian for believing in me and for appointing me as a project coordinator for bp South Africa. I’d also like to thank the Tallow Chandlers team for this great recognition. It’s such an honour for me to receive this award. In my home language in Isizulu there is an idiom that says 'Ayikho inkomo yobuthongo' which simply means 'there is no cow that benefits anything from sleeping'. When you work hard, someone will eventually recognize it. This means a lot to me, and it serves as a driving force that motivates me to continue the hard work, because clearly there’s a bright future for young stars in bp.

Heather Watson

Petroleum engineer, production & operations

I’m extremely fortunate to have a number of coaches, mentors and role models, and I’m delighted to share this recognition with them as I’m really grateful for their support for developing me as an engineer.

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