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Shining a spotlight on respect and inclusion

21 November 2019
October marks the start of 2019’s spotlight on respect and inclusion within BP. BP people reflect on why it's so important and share their own experiences in this
short film

Following the success of 2018’s spotlight, BP will again ‘shine a light’ on respect and inclusion (R&I) in the workplace.


A culture of respect and inclusion makes BP a stronger, safer, more effective and enjoyable place to work. The respect and inclusion spotlight will encourage personal accountability and highlight the expectations on everyone at BP to work in a respectful and inclusive environment. It’s important to BP as employer to ensure that all staff really understand and live by our values. 


Lucy Knight, group head of diversity and inclusion said: “Thinking about the impact we have on others every day beyond the 'spotlight' is important. We all demonstrate our values through how we behave routinely. By ensuring we don’t exclude people (consciously or unconsciously) and by not allowing 'small' acts of disrespect or exclusion to go unchallenged - we can build a sense of belonging for everyone and ensure problems or misunderstandings are handled and don't escalate.”

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