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We’ve created a true digital innovation hub from scratch: Sunil’s story

22 September 2022

Sunil works as an SAP systems administrator, with responsibility for all bp systems which run on SAP ASE, a database management system

Sunil Ravindran

Sunil worked for bp in Malaysia for over a decade where he was responsible for providing SAP Basis technical expertise to bp’s SAP system landscape. He decided to make the move to bp’s new Digital Hub in Pune last year.


Although sad to leave his team behind, with whom he learnt and played badminton for many years, Sunil wanted to be closer to his family after spending time apart from them during the Covid-19 pandemic. He also wanted a chance to expand his technical horizons.


“I’m a techie at heart,” Sunil says. “I knew I wanted to take on a role where I had the freedom to stay technical and contribute to the company in the best way I know how.” 


Today, Sunil works as an SAP Systems Administrator, with responsibility for all bp systems which run on SAP ASE, a database management system. This means he sets the standards that these systems are built and configured to, and explores news ways to increase stability and improve system performance across bp.


He explains,


We’ve done a lot of work to automate system standard checks and regular maintenance activities to eliminate manual errors and improve efficiency
The hub in Pune has provided me with a challenging environment where my skills are tested. I get to learn new things and use my knowledge to improve systems for our organisation.

Looking for a technically challenging environment 


After briefly considering a career in the merchant navy, Sunil discovered his love of computer systems. He studied for his diploma in Computer Science and took on a teaching role soon after he graduated.


“My dad encouraged me to explore computers,” Sunil recalls. “It was a big reason why I ventured into computer science and I was hooked instantly.


After 7 years spent working for an SAP consulting firm, Sunil was drawn to bp because of its complex SAP infrastructure. “It was and still is technically challenging to maintain which means I’ve had opportunities to challenge myself and grow.


A culture that supports technically minded people


The back-office systems that Sunil is developing are critical for the running of the organisation. But the bp Hub in Pune is also working to build bp’s digital and technological capabilities to keep bp ahead of its competitors in a range of specialisms – from information security to digital engineering, strategy, and data and analytics.


Sunil explains,


Data science skills, for example, are critical because they give bp an edge and help our organisation perform competitively across all markets. But we’re going to need a real mix of technical and functional people, with knowledge and business acumen, to help us deliver.

Because new digital skills are so important for bp there is a real culture of learning and development at the hub in Pune. Sunil explains how he values this culture because it has allowed him to keep testing his technical skills and embrace his passion for learning.


He says,


bp is an amazing place to work. And there is a real focus on providing technically minded people with a growth platform that suits their interests.

He’s excited to see how the Pune team grows and advances. “The aim is to build the integrated digital capabilities that will allow bp to be innovative and competitive, at scale,” he explains.


He says,


We’ve done the hard work and created a true digital innovation hub from scratch. Five years down the line I expect to see a fully matured technical team, delivering innovations for bp.


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