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Tallow Chandlers 2022 award winners

11 November 2022

Some of bp’s most talented early years technologists and apprentices have been presented with this year's Tallow Chandlers bp Awards in London. Meet the winners and find out more about their achievements

These prestigious awards recognize individuals for their contributions  to bp and to the communities in which they live. The winners are also chosen for their delivery of successful technical innovations that have contributed to the advancement of the industry.

Speaking at the event, Leigh-Ann Russell, EVP of innovation & engineering, explained that the well-known proverb “there is nothing new under the sun” isn’t true when it comes to science and engineering: 


I firmly believe it’s by crossing new frontiers in the confluence of the two – science and engineering together – that will allow us to overcome the challenges we face and challenge the status quo.

This year’s winners are already proving the point: helping to widen the talent pool by getting more women into engineering, using particle accelerators for X-ray analysis, and developing industry firsts in subsea technology, just to name a few.

Meet the apprentice winners

Overall candlestick winner

Meet the technologist winners

Overall candlestick winner

More about the Tallow Chandlers

The Worshipful Company of Tallow Chandlers was originally a trade organization set up to regulate oils, ointments, lubricants and fat-based preservatives. They made candles using tallow, which is rendered animal fat.


These days, the Tallow Chandlers support a wide range of charities, with an emphasis on education, and have a relationship with bp dating back to 1978.

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