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That conversation probably saved my life

19 November 2020
To mark Transgender Awareness Week this year, Kerry Dryburgh, executive vice president, people & culture, spoke to Bobbi Pickard, co-chair of bp Pride's transgender group, about the importance of inclusion


Coming out at bp was a very pivotal moment for me because it was the time when I came out to absolutely everybody and it was the time that I was transitioning. So I was under huge, huge amounts of stress. But I came out to Simon Hodgkinson [bp information technology and services], not planned actually, and in literally two seconds of me coming out to him, he'd already told me that I wasn't going to be leaving bp. My career was completely safe and bp would completely support me. And that conversation absolutely saved my career. And it probably saved my life as well. And people always say bp is about its people and I think I've really experienced the absolute best of bp. Just phenomenal.Bobbi Pickard


Bobbi is incredibly active in the transgender awareness and education space. She is a Diversity Role Model and founder of transknowledge.co.uk and the award-winning transinthecity.co.uk. She was voted #1 in the 2019 Involve/Yahoo Finance LGBT+ Future Leaders List, was listed at #14 on the 2020 Pride Power List, was awarded the Rainbow Honours 2019 Diversity Champion Award and was listed as one of PWCs Stonewall 50 inspirational Role Models.


As Co-Chair of BP Pride’s Transgender Group she has been instrumental in changing BP’s level of awareness and education around Transgender globally.


It starts with respect


At bp, diversity is more than just a word, it's a reality.

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