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A career with purpose: Tyrone’s story

15 May 2024

We learn about what brought Tyrone to bp and his passion for helping others

Tyrone works as an Indigenous people strategy advisor for bp in Australia. We learn more about what brought him to bp and his involvement in the employee-led First Nations Business Resource Group. 


What attracted you to bp? 


I was a recipient of the Indigenous University Games scholarship hosted by bp. From there I was awarded a summer internship within the food and merch team. While I had no experience in this area, I thoroughly enjoyed my time and found the people at bp was the best part of the job. I was lucky enough to be given three more internships within HR and have just signed onto the graduate program.

What keeps you at bp? 


After working at bp for a number of years, one of the biggest motivations for me to continue at bp are the kind and genuine people.

What excites you most about the projects you are working on? 


As a proud Gooreng Gooreng man, I understood the importance and challenge of working for a multi-national company. To be able to make actual change within such a big organization is what excites me the most. Whatever projects I am working on have a direct impact on the working lives of our Indigenous staff.

How would you describe the team culture? 


In my experience, nearly every employee I have worked with as been extremely supportive, accommodating and willing pause what they are doing to help on my current projects.

What has your learning and development been like since joining? 


Before bp, I was unclear of the career path I wanted to pursue and the skills I should be investing in. Since joining, I have worked in a number of HR teams and upskilled in multiple areas such as engagement, public speaking, policy writing and data analysis.

Tell us about your involvement with the employee-led First Nations Business Resource Group (BRG)? 


bp First Nations has provided us Indigenous employees a safe platform to connect, learn from each other’s cultures and advise on changes bp should make for the betterment of our Indigenous staff. It has been amazing to be part of.

How do you feel bp respects and supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees? 


bp understands the positive impact an Indigenous person can have and will invest because of the unique knowledge and experiences my people can bring to a large organization.

What advice would you give to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander talent interested in working for bp?


bp can provide you with skills and knowledge needed to work in nearly any large organization. bp will invest in you and value your perspectives and ideas in any matter. I was hesitant at first, but once I got my foot in the door and started making an impact it was a ‘no brainer’.

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