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Indigenous employment and partnerships

We’re committed to providing education and career pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
Australia has a strong and proud history of working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.Through our Reconciliation Action Plan, we’re committed to our Indigenous communities in many ways. We’re proud to create career pathways and employment opportunities through internships, education and supplier partnerships, and by supporting the growth of Indigenous businesses.  
At bp I have the freedom to do meaningful work my way.Ben: Wurundjeri clan


Our Indigenous employment strategy is dedicated to providing career opportunities for Indigenous people, including training, internships and graduate positions, in our corporate offices, Kwinana Refinery and Spotswood Castrol plant, as well as barista and customer service traineeships in our retail sector.  If you are an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person from Australia interested in a career with bp, please email us here; indigenoustalent@bp.com

bp centenary artwork


bp has a proud history of operations in Australia and in 2019 the company celebrated its centenary. To mark the milestone, bp commissioned six established and emerging artists from around the country whose inspired artworks will form an exhibition that represents bp’s contribution to Australia through the decades.

Charmaine Pwerle - Alice Springs 


Defining a new representation of traditional Indigenous art, Charmaine’s interpretation of bp’s centenary hails from the stories passed down from the Aweyle Dreamtime. The small and large semi-circular shapes of the piece represent Australia’s hills and valleys and the lines are that of dry riverbeds and streams, winding across the canvas as they do at Utopia in the Northern Territory. 


There may also be an outline of a person or unusual shapes that convey Dreaming spirits that dwell in the plant and animal life. 

Nicole Van Dijk - Melbourne  


Painter Nicole Van Dijk draws on the connection between those who live in the community of Papunya, Northern Territory and their land. bp was the first company to create a low-aromatic fuel in response to a request from the Papunya community. Her painting represents those in the community who have benefited from the introduction of the low-aromatic fuel.

bp’s original artwork which was created by an artist, Stan Yarramunua who worked in collaboration with bp employees at the Melbourne office during Reconciliation Week 2013. This wonderful piece of artwork is now displayed in the reception of our Melbourne office.

UniSport – Indigenous National Games

bp is proud to announce their partnership with UniSport to present the Indigenous National Games. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from around Australia will compete in four sports including touch football, netball, basketball and volleyball. There will also be a day dedicated to competing in traditional Indigenous sports. 

Through this partnership bp Australia will present two $5,000 scholarships to the most promising Indigenous student-athletes (male and female) to support both academic and athletic endeavours. Scholarship recipients will also be offered mentoring and professional development opportunities.  Pictured above is Lauren Barlow (ANZ resourcing manager) and Asha Steer (A Barkanji woman studying a Bachelor of Environments at The University of Melbourne). 

bp acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work and live, and pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging. 

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