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Indigenous employment and partnerships

We’re committed to providing career pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

At bp, we highly value and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia. By promoting cultural safety, respect and inclusivity, we aim to create a workplace environment that honours and celebrates the diversity of Indigenous cultures. 

Through bp’s Reconciliation Action Plan, we’re committed to Indigenous communities in many ways. We’re proud to create career pathways and employment opportunities through internships, training and supplier partnerships, and by supporting the growth of Indigenous businesses.   

bp’s vision for Australia  

bp's vision for reconciliation in Australia is centered around fostering a unified nation that embraces and celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.


The company envisions an Australia where all individuals find joy and contentment in their identity and heritage. The path to reconciliation involves truth telling for past injustices, humility, acknowledge of present challenges, and a commitment to walk together on the path to Reconciliation. 

Our strategy   

Embedded in bp's sustainability framework are 20 aims aimed at making a positive societal impact.


Five of these aims are dedicated to fostering a just energy transition, sustainable livelihoods, respect for human rights, greater equity and enhanced wellbeing.


The 2023–2026 Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) delivers on five of these aims, emphasising bp's responsibility and privilege to contribute to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations, and recognising the valuable role this contribution plays in working towards a reconciled Australia. 

Creating opportunities for First Nations peoples 

bp has a responsibility to create equity and foster fair treatment for all of its employees, partners and communities.


bp pledges to innovate products, services and strategies to benefit Indigenous peoples by committing to the following key actions:  

Employment outcomes
  • Consult our First Nations Business Resource Group (BRG) on recruitment, retention and professional development strategies.
  • Review and update our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment strategy.
  • Provide training for line managers to support First Nations employees and advertise job vacancies effectively to reach Indigenous stakeholders.
  • Aim to increase First Nations employment to at least 4% by 2026.
  • Develop and support a learning development offer for Indigenous employees.
  • Create a supported career program for First Nations retail team members.  
Traditional Indigenous art
Supplier diversity
  • Aim to maintain commercial relationships with 10 Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander suppliers.
  • Implement strategies to remove barriers for procuring goods and services from Indigenous businesses. 
  • Continue Supply Nation membership and sponsorship. 
  • Train staff in contracting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses. 
  • Commit to spending 3% of annual addressable spend by 2026 with First Nations businesses. 
  • Establish First Nations procurement KPIs with strategic suppliers and increase availability of First Nations suppliers' goods in bp-branded retail stores.  
Traditional Indigenous art
Volunteering opportunities 
  • Offer one-day professional volunteering opportunities to bp employees in partnership with Supply Nation. 
  • Explore and embed new opportunities into the bp volunteering programme.  
Traditional Indigenous art
First Nation offers
  • Continue supporting Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander businesses with the Supply Nation bp Plus fuel card offer.
  • Develop new offers for Supply Nation businesses.  
Traditional Indigenous art
Career programmes
  • Develop education and STEM outreach strategies to build a pipeline of First Nations talent.
  • Establish an apprenticeship/traineeship program with a dedicated pathway for First Nations students. 

Our First Nations talent strategy is dedicated to providing career opportunities for First Nations people, including training, internships and graduate positions, in our corporate offices, Kwinana Refinery and Spotswood Castrol plant, as well as barista and customer service traineeships in our retail sector. 


If you are an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person from Australia interested in a career with bp, please email us  Indigenoustalent@bp.com 


Traditional Indigenous art


Our RAP working group consists of a representative from each area of bp with 15% identifying as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples. We intentionally structured the group to ensure there is widespread accountability and ownership of the RAP objectives.   


The RAP development and execution committees are led by an RAP executive sponsor and comprises a cross section of the business. 


The First Nations BRG focuses on talent development and retention while creating a broadened sense of community and inclusion for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander employees. Within bp, the BRG promotes cultural awareness for non-First Nations staff and helps to break down barriers for all. 

UniSport – Indigenous National Games

bp is proud to announce their partnership with UniSport to present the Indigenous National Games. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from around Australia will compete in four sports including touch football, netball, basketball and volleyball. There will also be a day dedicated to competing in traditional Indigenous sports. 

Through this partnership bp Australia will present two $5,000 scholarships to the most promising Indigenous student-athletes (male and female) to support both academic and athletic endeavours. Scholarship recipients will also be offered mentoring and professional development opportunities.  Pictured above is Lauren Barlow (ANZ resourcing manager) and Asha Steer (A Barkanji woman studying a Bachelor of Environments at The University of Melbourne). 

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