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Corporate and functions

Within corporate and functions you could work anywhere from sales and marketing, corporate retail to finance or engineering. Career opportunities range from interns and graduates, right through to senior level leaders

bp employs more than 5,700 people across Australia; operating in every state and territory, with main offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Our people work across a variety of businesses, in disciplines including sales and marketing, strategy, finance, business, IT, HR, engineering, health and safety, science and retail.


Most of our Australian corporate roles are based in Melbourne at our Docklands Office. Our team enjoys a wonderfully modern office environment, built with agility and energy efficiency in mind.  The range and scale of the prospects here are huge and you’ll only really start to grasp their magnitude when you arrive.

I have been fully supported by exceptional managers.Sarah: corporate and functions
Whether we’re engaged in an international project or solving local challenges, we always work as one team. You’ll work in an environment with global capability and reach, but one that our people describe as a real community. Our spirit of collaboration crosses businesses and geographies, making us a strong, cohesive, yet incredibly diverse organisation. Whatever your background and whatever your beliefs, you’ll always be included and encouraged to speak your mind. Our culture isn’t hierarchical and our leaders are accessible. We understand and value differences: it’s a friendly, welcoming and respectful attitude that brings us together. This strong sense of unity underpins our culture and the way we work.

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