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Our values

We care deeply about how we deliver energy to the world. We believe that creating a brighter future starts with getting the little things right


We care deeply about how we deliver energy to the world. Every action, every decision, is underpinned and driven by our values. Above everything, that starts with safety and excellence in the way we do things. Our approach is built on respect and having the courage to do the right thing. 


We are determined to continually learn and strive to do things better.  We might be a big business, but we pay attention to the important things – and that starts with you. We don’t just create values for a corporate handbook; we live by them every day at all levels and in all parts of the business. At bp, these principles will shape your experiences every day.


We’re serious about our commitment to ensuring our people are safe, respected and cared for at work. We develop and deploy leading technology and build long-lasting relationships. We work as one team, to ensure we are able to provide the energy the world needs today, and in the changing world of tomorrow. Every bp employee is important to us. Every person in every role is responsible for making a difference to our local customer base, our local community and our company.

Diversity and inclusion and flexibility

We’re always striving to do the right thing, from the way we work with local communities to the way we treat our people. At bp, career growth is always based on ability and values, which is why we promote a positive environment where everyone can do their best, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or disability. 


We run various programs and initiatives to elevate career opportunity for various groups in the community such as women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and people with disabilities.


We’re committed to building a workplace rich with diversity of thought, experience and perspective.


If you’re talented and have the right value-set, we welcome you, no matter who you are and what you do.

Women at bp

Within Australia, bp is exceptionally committed to gender diversity. In fact, approximately 42% of our employees are women.


Our approach to diversity and inclusion is endorsed by our board and our diversity council and supported through a wide variety of policies and practices. These include:

  • Creating minimum standards for recruitment and selection which support us in selecting high-quality, diverse talent and help us to ensure gender pay equity.
  • Flexible working arrangements to support leaders in implementing agile working across the company.
  • Generous and gender-neutral parental leave schemes.

Find out more information about our global diversity and inclusion activity.

bp in the community

We put our people – and the communities they’re a part of – first. We’re involved in a variety of community partnerships and projects.

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