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Problem solving the energy transition: Victoria’s story

31 May 2022

As a European power originator within bp’s Trading & Shipping (T&S) business, Victoria's job involves finding and structuring opportunities for bp power deals


Victoria studied biochemistry at university, but always knew she didn’t want to pursue a career in science. After graduating, she joined EDF Energy’s Commercial Energy Graduate Programme where the analytical thinking developed during her degree were key to her landing the job. After completing the graduate programme across several commercial roles, Victoria decided to focus on renewable energy.


Reflecting on why she made the jump to bp, Victoria says: “I felt ready for a change that meant I could keep learning and a role that was varied, commercial and would test my analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.”


She now works as a European power originator within bp’s Trading & Shipping (T&S) business. Put simply, this involves finding and structuring opportunities for bp power deals and sees her work closely with external counterparties to buy and sell renewable power, and develop new power products. 


As power is a relatively new commodity for bp, it means that Victoria is exposed to lots of new products and deal types.


She explains,


As we grow our power business, we’re also looking at ways to add flexibility to our portfolio. Grid scale battery storage is one way to do this, with batteries rapidly expanding in scale and utilisation to help support and manage energy market volatility."

“Having flexibility means that we can react quickly when there are unpredictable changes to supply and demand. We need to be able to evaluate new technologies that can play a role in the energy landscape as the level of intermittent renewables increases.”


Integration to advance the shift towards cleaner forms of energy


Renewable power will be critical to bp’s ambition to become a net zero company by 2050, or sooner. 


bp T&S can play an important role in the energy transition, solving problems associated with the shift towards cleaner forms of energy”.

Take the supply chain of power for EV charging. Although today power cannot necessarily be stored at scale before it is used to charge cars, Victoria’s team are looking for ways to work around this.


She explains,


T&S play an important role as an integrator within our business. My team works with bp Future Mobility & Services to understand what electrification could look like in the future and understand how our trading business can support the electrification supply chain."

Victoria was also a part of the project team responsible for the launch of a strategic partnership that saw bp agree to provide renewable power to Microsoft data centres in Europe and the US.


“Both companies agreed to work together to accelerate their sustainability goals. The idea being that through co-innovation and partnership we can reach net zero faster than by working alone.”


Constantly challenging herself


Last year Victoria qualified to represent GB for her age-group in duathlon. Her appetite to become stronger and faster is something that is mirrored in her approach to her work. 


She says,


One of the biggest challenges in my career has been working out when it’s the right time to take myself out of my comfort zone."

At bp, Victoria feels that she has settled in a place where people are hardworking and energised. 


“In our team, everyone has the drive and determination to move things forward. There is still a lot to be done to get to where we want to be in power markets, but our culture encourages collaborative working and a one team approach. I am surrounded by people with very different backgrounds to my own which means there are endless opportunities to learn and develop.” 

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