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Work like an Egyptian

13 May 2020
Learn more about life at bp Egypt by hearing from a few of our employees who are leading a life full of accomplishments

Adham Hamshary

With a wealth of opportunities for global travel and no end of complex technical challenges to solve, working in oil and gas engineering gives you a chance to see the world as well as stimulate your mind. And that is exactly why Adham decided to work in bp Egypt.

Many know him as just a famous travel blogger who travelled to more than 60 counties around the world but what people don't know about Adham O. Hamshary is that he's also a top student, a very successful petroleum engineer at bp, a master's degree holder and so much more.

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Ola Balbaa

Working in the oil and gas industry does not just involve being out on offshore rigs as many people would think. In fact, as the lifecycle of a project moves from the conceptual design stage through to decommissioning, diverse skillsets are required. Also, as you move on to work on a new project it becomes a new challenge and a new excitement.

Ola Balbaa is one of bp Egypt's young female engineers. She has had several roles within the organization both offshore and onshore in spite of her youth. In fact, in 2018 Ola was awarded an important national women's award and is considered an inspiration to young female engineers.

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Aly Metwally

“If you decide to stay where you are, do not expect opportunities to come right to you. You must search for opportunities and be willing to do something different. You must reject living in the same pattern and taking the path most travelled” says Aly Metwally, drilling engineer in bp Egypt.

He is a person who loves to venture into the unknown, he is an engineer with an entrepreneur’s heart! From deciding to leave his university in Egypt and pursue a scholarship opportunity in Malaysia, to becoming a successful drilling Engineer at bp while running his own winning tech startup on the side.

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Sara Youssef

Sara started off in bp back in 2012 as a challenger which means that she spends her first 3 years learning and developing and rotating on different jobs. 

Now, Sara is not only a reservoir engineer, she is also working in bp’s modernization and transformation (m&t) team, started her master’s in finance technology and is an active member in various community charity groups

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Taher Almoatazbellah

Taher is a rebel at heart, an engineer by profession and an online program content creator by passion. He has had his share of hardship while still young. He was awarded a full scholarship in the American University in Cairo to study petroleum engineering.

He led one of the biggest students’ strikes in the history of the university. He published his own book in 2018; and he is a content creator in one of Egypt’s most viral online programs: Al Da7ee7

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