Hydroelectric power generation rose by 2.5% (24.2 mtoe), slightly below the 10-year average of 2.9%, increasing share of global primary energy to 6.8%

China (2.9%, 8.1 mtoe) and Brazil (6.5%, 5.5 mtoe) were the largest contributors to growth. Much of Europe rebounded from particularly low rainfall in 2015 including Spain, Portugal, France and Norway. Conversely, parts of South America and Africa were still affected by drought including Venezuela which experienced the largest decline (-3.2 mtoe), Chile and Mozambique also experienced reduced annual generation.

Hydro consumption by region (million tonnes oil equivalent)

Hydro consumption by region (million tonnes oil equivalent)


Data are based on gross primary hydroelectric generation and not accounting for cross-border electricity supply. The primary energy value of hydroelectricity generation has been derived by calculating the equivalent amount of fossil fuel required to generate the same volume of electricity in a thermal power station, assuming a conversion efficiency of 38% (the average for OECD thermal power generation).

In the hydroelectricity consumption PDF table, the units are in million tonnes oil equivalent (mtoe). In addition the data are available in the Excel workbook in terawatt-hours (Twh).

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