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Nuclear energy

Nuclear consumption rose by 3.2% (0.8 EJ), its fastest growth since 2004. China (0.5 EJ) and Japan (0.1 EJ) provided the largest increments
Palo Verde nuclear power plant, Arizona, US
Nuclear consumption increased by 3.2% (on an input-equivalent basis), its fastest growth since 2004 and well above the 10-year average of -0.7%. As in 2018, China recorded the largest increment of any country and, last year, it was also its biggest increase ever (0.5 EJ). Japan also posted notable growth of 0.15 EJ or 33% as it continued to recover from the impact of the Fukushima incident in 2011.
Nuclear energy consumption by region (exajoules)
Nuclear energy consumption by region (exajoules)