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31 October-12 November

The COP26 summit takes place from 31 October to 12 November 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. It’s the biggest global conversation on climate since the Paris Agreement, and although it’s mostly about governments, it’s a very important opportunity for us to listen and learn

Supporting COP26

We want to help the world get to net zero, so at Glasgow, we support the UK presidency and the efforts to achieve the COP26 goals. We believe that success at the summit will support our strategy and our transformation from an International Oil Company to an Integrated Energy Company. We hope to see countries raise their climate ambitions and pledge to become net zero by 2050 if they haven’t done so already. And we hope to see an agreement on international carbon markets, which we believe can help countries to increase their ambitions cost-effectively. 
But we’re not waiting for 2050 – we’re already in action with growing low carbon investments, installing more electric vehicle charging points, lowering our operational emissions and much more.

Greening companies

Whatever happens at COP, we believe we have a lot to offer to help the world get to net zero. Around 70% of global emissions come from energy consumption across industry, transport and the energy sector itself. These sectors need to be transformed. We believe that greening companies – companies at the heart of those sectors, who want to help the world get to net zero and are in action – can help transform those sectors at the pace and scale we need to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.    

A seat at the table

In his speech at this year’s One Young World summit, bp CEO Bernard Looney addressed the question: “If climate change could be solved by getting exactly the right people together around a table, who would those people be?” Here, he outlines the role greening companies like bp can play in working towards a solution

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