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Our role in the UK’s green industrial revolution

Release date:
29 October 2021
We have been serving the UK for the past 100 years and we want to support its future. Here are some of the ways we are in action 
bp is playing a part in:


EV charging

Our bp pulse network – the UK’s most-used – is expanding from 7,500 charging points in 2019 to 16,000 by 2030.

Smart energy management

A bp venture that employs AI technology to optimize building energy use and lower emissions by 10-15%.

Offshore wind

We’re the preferred bidder for two offshore wind leases, with the capacity to power more than 3.4 million UK households.


We have 223 large-scale UK solar projects, totalling 1.5GW, and are in consultation for our largest UK project to date (350MW).

Innovation and finance

We’re investing in UK firm C-Capture and other game-changing tech companies to help deliver our net zero ambition.

Clean cities

We’re developing integrated energy and mobility solutions to support UK cities’ net-zero goals. Our first partnership is with Aberdeen.


We’re creating the UK’s largest blue hydrogen production facility and developing a green hydrogen transport hub – contributing 20% to the UK’s 5GW 2030 target.

Carbon capture and storage

We’re leading Net Zero Teesside, which will capture carbon equivalent to the energy use of three million homes every year.


Sustainable aviation

We’re developing and expanding the supply of lower-emitting sustainable aviation fuel to UK airports.

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