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Welcome to bp week

Release date:
15 September 2020
We’re doing a deep dive on bp’s new strategy. On day three, we’ll hear about the role of resilient and focused hydrocarbons, plans to drive digital and innovation across the business and bp’s financial frame. Our CEO Bernard closes the event with remarks, later

Our three-day open event aims to provide more detail on our strategy and answer questions. You can tune in or, if you can’t make it, you can follow this page, where you will find a link to our CEO Bernard’s answers to the five questions we’ve been asked most since we launched our strategy in August:


1) Why is a 40% reduction in your oil and gas production by 2030 the right thing to do? 


2) How will we transition our cashflow from hydrocarbons to low carbon over the next decade? 


3) The scale of your renewables ambition is huge – how achievable is this? 


4) Can we deliver the 8-10% returns from renewables? 


5) Why bp? What is our competitive advantage – really? 

We hope you can join us as we explain our plans, or check our bp week 2020 page where we’ll post regular updates. 

Reminder: bp’s strategy

Six weeks ago, we launched a new strategy for bp, rooted in our purpose to reimagine energy for people and our planet.


It included some ambitious aims for 2030, including

  • 10 times more investment in low carbon.
  • A 20-fold increase in the renewables capacity we’ve developed. 
  • Emissions reductions of 30 to 40% for our Aims 1 and 2. 
  • Oil and gas production focused on lower volume with higher value. 
  • And all underpinned by a resilient financial frame.


We’re already in action, we’ve just agreed to move into offshore wind for the first time, working with Equinor. And that’s just one of a number of relationships we’ve built in recent months. Just last week, we joined with Uber to make it easier and more affordable for drivers on its app to charge electric vehicles in London. And, we have partnered with energy capital Aberdeen – the second city after Houston we are working with –  as part of our aim to support decarbonization in the world’s major cities.


But understandably we’ve had many questions – bp week is one way of answering them openly with the aim of building trust in our plans to deliver cleaner energy for people and our planet.  

In the press

Ahead of bp week CEO Bernard answered questions posed by the Financial Times on our new strategy. 
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