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  • 2020 Annual General Meeting: chairman
    2020 Annual General Meeting: chairman
    Helge Lund, chairman, bp 2020 AGM, 1 St. James’s Square, London. 27 May 2020. Chairman Helge Lund spoke from his home in Norway. He explained why, even though the world is facing exceptionally difficult circumstances, bp’s transformation should continue. Recent weeks have focused minds on the need to become a different kind of energy company.
  • 2020 Annual General Meeting: chief executive officer
    2020 Annual General Meeting: chief executive officer
    Bernard Looney, chief executive officer, bp 2020 AGM, 1 St. James’s Square, London. 27 May 2020. Speaking at his first AGM as chief executive, Bernard Looney talked about the decisive action bp is taking in response to the covid-19 pandemic and the support it is providing to communities. He also spoke about how bp is maintaining momentum behind its plans for reimagining energy and reinventing bp.
  • Reimagining energy, embracing opportunity
    Reimagining energy, embracing opportunity
    Bernard Looney, chief executive officer, event, IP Week, London. 27 February 2020. At IP Week’s annual dinner in London, BP’s CEO Bernard Looney explained why the energy transition is a great business opportunity. To seize that opportunity, BP will need to regain society’s trust, and also create the supportive, inclusive environment in which people want to work.
  • Reimagining energy, reinventing BP
    Reimagining energy, reinventing BP
    Bernard Looney, chief executive officer, Ambition Launch, London, in his first speech as BP chief executive, 12 February 2020, Bernard Looney sets out a vision for BP as a thriving, sustainable energy business and a force for good in a net zero world. He announces BP’s new purpose, to reimagine energy for people and our planet, a new ambition, and 10 aims to fulfil BP’s ambition to become a net zero company by 2050 or sooner and help the world to net zero.
  • Climate security - the geopolitical implications of climate change
    Climate security - the geopolitical implications of climate change
    Speaking on 11 February in London, Dev Sanyal, chief executive, alternative energy and executive vice president, Europe and Asia regions, offered four aspects of the challenge, four criteria for the response, and four dimensions of the solution. The event at King’s College London, marked the 10th anniversary of the European Centre for Climate, Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS).
  • Catching the wave
    Catching the wave
    At Baker Hughes’s Annual Meeting in Florence on 3 February 2020, Gordon Birrell delivered a keynote speech looking at how the industry is at a crucial junction. Painting a picture of a swelling sea, BP’s COO for production, transformation and carbon said the question was how the industry would react when the wave breaks: will we lose our footing, or will it lift us and carry us forward? Birrell presented an optimistic assessment that the industry could thrive if it embraces change, seizes technology and engages its talented workforce.
  • Climate change, my daughter and me
    Climate change, my daughter and me
    Fuzzy Bitar, IOGP chair and head of BP upstream executive office, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, 21 November 2019. At the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers’ EGM in Kuala Lumpur, organisation chair Fuzzy Bitar called on members to help lead the energy transition. Bitar, who also runs BP’s head of Upstream’s office, said the transition was an opportunity for IOGP members. Reducing operational emissions, embracing carbon capture use and storage, and developing hydrogen were three areas members could focus on.
  • On the Move
    On the Move
    At On The Move, a BP-organized event on 7 November 2019, downstream chief executive Tufan Erginbilgic discussed a new report highlighting the difference between how consumers and experts view the future of transport – particularly when it comes to electric vehicles. BP believes ultrafast charging will play an important role in spurring the growth of EVs. To overcome the barriers to wider adoption, businesses across different sectors must work together, listen to consumers, and enable them to make lower carbon transport choices.
  • Energy: haves and have nots
    Energy: haves and have nots
    Spencer Dale, group chief economist, One Young World, London, 23 October 2019.
  • Building on the past; embracing the future
    Building on the past; embracing the future
    At the Greek-British Symposium in Napflio, Greece on 18 October 2019, Dev Sanyal spoke about the ongoing importance of trade and energy in advancing sustainable development. He highlighted the significant role of renewables, natural gas and the Southern Gas Corridor, which creates a new supply of gas to Greece and Europe more widely.
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