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Manage your account

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Manage Your Account
Account Details

The 'Account Details' page is your one stop shop for managing all of your BP Plus Account details. From this page, you can update your Account Contact Information (i.e. your main account contact person and address.)


On the 'Manage Account' section of the 'Account Details' page, you can create a catalogue of useful account related information that you may find yourself needing on a regular basis. This includes things like:

  • Account Contacts
  • Account Cost Centres (useful for helping allocate costs within your business to the required locations)
  • Account Vehicles (allow you easily manage vehicles in your fleet)


In addition, you can request for BP to create additional BP Plus Online logons for individuals in your business, a handy tool that will help you get new starters online as quickly as possible. You can also change your BP Plus Online password at any time from this page.

Account Management Options

Account Level: Every BP Plus account has an account contact email address. This address is treated as your default email address for report delivery and marketing promotions. NOTE: If you do not wish to receive any marketing material from BP, please contact BP Customer Service on 1300 1300 27.


You can also add contacts to an account at any time (think of it like an address book for your account). To do this, simply click on the 'Account Details' link in the top right hand corner of BP Plus Online and select 'View and Edit Contacts' in the Manage Account section of the screen.


Card Level: Should your business require it, you have the ability to assign a different email address to each individual card in your fleet. This may be useful for you if you have sub-contractors or a fleet of card holders, as it allows you to do things like set up reporting of transactional data to a contact for an individual card only. Card level email addresses can be added or changed individually through the 'Order a Card' and 'Edit a Card' pages, or for multiple cards at once through the 'Bulk Order and Update Cards' page.