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Detergents and degreasers

Our detergents and degreasers will keep engines, vehicles, floors and hands clean

Comprox Multi-purpose Detergent

Comprox Multi-purpose Detergent is a general purpose biodegradable detergent designed for effective performance in a wide variety of manual cleaning operations.


Phosphate and solvent free, it is effective in hard or soft water.




Comprox Multi-purpose Detergent is suitable for industrial and domestic applications such as cleaning upholstery and carpets, and utensils and surfaces used in food preparation. It can also be used as a wetting agent for applications such as mixing cement and stripping wallpaper.


Heavy Duty Handclean

Heavy Duty Handclean is an industrial strength cleaning product.


The viscous liquid with polygrains removes the deepest grime, grease and industrial dirt without damaging the skin.




Apply directly to wet or dry hands, massage hands together then rinse thoroughly. If there's no water, wipe your hands clean with paper towels.



Truckwash is a biodegradable, solvent-free detergent that can be used to clean heavily soiled vehicles without damaging paintwork, rubber or aluminium.




Designed to clean vehicles and equipment with hard-to-remove dirt and grime, Truckwash is used in industries such as transport and mining.


It is applied manually or sprayed onto surfaces, left for a short time, then rinsed thoroughly with water.

Recommended dilutions are between 50 mL/L to 200 mL/L, depending on the amount of dirt and grime.


Comprox Degreaser

Comprox Degreaser is a water-based degreaser designed for the removal of oil and grease from engines and machinery used in heavy industrial applications.

It is suitable for use where normal hydrocarbon degreasers are not desirable. Comprox Degreaser can be used on hard surfaces in workshops, garages and driveways.




Comprox Degreaser is used undiluted to soak engine parts and diluted for spraying and manual cleaning of machinery and hard surfaces.

Long-term contact with copper or its alloys should be avoided.



Degreaser is solvent-based, consisting of a blend of emulsifying agents and petroleum hydrocarbons with a flash point above 61º Celsius.

A versatile solvent cleaner, it's suitable for heavy-duty degreasing operations.




Degreaser is used for soaking engine parts. Apply it undiluted by soaking, brush or spray.

It is suitable for machinery, garage floors and other areas where there is a build-up of grease and oily residue.

Degreaser shouldn't be used on bituminous surfaces.


Quick-break Degreaser

Quick-break degreaser is a mineral solvent-based industrial degreaser that can help remove oil and grease from machinery and equipment. It can also be used on concrete that's used to release water into a holding tank or pit separating oil and water before release.




Quick-break Degreaser is used for cleaning engines, chassis, garage floors, driveways and paths.

It shouldn't be used on bituminous surfaces.

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