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Detergents and degreasers

Our detergents and degreasers will keep engines, vehicles, floors and hands clean


Degreaser is solvent-based, consisting of a blend of emulsifying agents and petroleum hydrocarbons with a flash point above 61º Celsius.

A versatile solvent cleaner, it's suitable for heavy-duty degreasing operations.




Degreaser is used for soaking engine parts. Apply it undiluted by soaking, brush or spray.

It is suitable for machinery, garage floors and other areas where there is a build-up of grease and oily residue.

Degreaser shouldn't be used on bituminous surfaces.


Quick-break Degreaser

Quick-break degreaser is a mineral solvent-based industrial degreaser that can help remove oil and grease from machinery and equipment. It can also be used on concrete that's used to release water into a holding tank or pit separating oil and water before release.




Quick-break Degreaser is used for cleaning engines, chassis, garage floors, driveways and paths.

It shouldn't be used on bituminous surfaces.

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