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We have a wide range of greases for many vehicle and equipment types

Energrease JGB

Energrease JGB is a lithium and calcium mixed soap-bearing grease.



Energrease JGB is a bearing grease for railroad journal bearings with approval to AAR M-942 specification. It has an exceptionally long grease life due to excellent mechanical stability.

Mine Grease LM EP 680

Mine Grease LM EP 680 is an extreme pressure, lithium grease formulated with specially selected additives, including three per cent molybdenum disulphide. This provides superior protection under arduous operating conditions.




Mine Grease LM EP 680 is used for heavily loaded plain and anti-friction bearings used in construction, earthmoving and mining equipment.


It provides protection against wear under heavy and shock loads, high temperature and wet environments.

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Commercial fuels & lubricants offer

Our commercial fuels team can work with Castrol to provide a combined fuels and lubricants offer to commercial customer.