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We have a wide range of greases for many vehicle and equipment types

AC Spider Bearing Grease

AC Spider Bearing Grease is specifically designed for use in Allis Chalmers gyratory crusher spider bearings.


It is a semi-fluid lithium soap based grease compounded with 2.5 per cent molybdenum disulphide.



AC Spider Bearing Grease is specifically formulated to incorporate extreme pressure and anti-oxidant additives for enhanced load carrying characteristics and long bearing life.

Energrease ELG

Energrease ELG is a high viscosity base oil lubricant. It contains solid lubricants, epoxy additives and thickeners.


A high film strength prevents gear scuffing and wear. The advanced additive package, which includes colloidal molybdenum disulphide, protects against high steady loads and shock loads.


It has a low temperature fluidity and is a bitumen- and solvent-free formulation.




Energrease ELG is designed for use in traction motor gears in the railway industry. It is ideal for applications where semi-fluid grease type lubricants are specified.

Energrease FPG

Energrease FPG is a lithium soap, extreme pressure grease formulated with sophisticated polymer that provides exceptional resistance to being washed off by water.




Energrease FPG can be applied to centralised lubrication systems typically found in industrial plants.

Energrease HTG 2

Energrease HTG 2 is formulated using a clay/polymer base and a selected blend of anti-oxidant, anti-rust and anti-wear additives.




Energrease HTG 2 is suitable for automotive and industrial wheel bearings, electric motors, all equipment requiring high temperature, and water resistant grease such as mining, ovens and steel foundries.

Energrease JGB

Energrease JGB is a lithium and calcium mixed soap-bearing grease.



Energrease JGB is a bearing grease for railroad journal bearings with approval to AAR M-942 specification. It has an exceptionally long grease life due to excellent mechanical stability.

Energrease LC 2

Energrease LC 2 is a multi-purpose, high performance lithium complex grease formulated to provide excellent high temperature lubrication.



Energrease LC 2 is for use for short periods at temperatures up to 180º Celsius. It's capable of withstanding the high temperatures associated with disc brakes and automotive wheel bearing applications.


Energrease LC 2 is recommended for the lubrication of truck, trailer and bus wheel bearings, as well as grease-filled hubs.

Energrease LC 2-T

Energrease LC 2-T is for use in high temperature applications, offering excellent water resistance and load carrying ability. It includes a tackiness additive in the formulation.



Energrease LC 2-T is used for earthmoving and mining equipment, truck chassis and turntables, and dredging operations.

Energrease LC 2-M

Energrease LC 2-M contains molybdenum disulphide and has an extremely high drop point (the temperature at which the grease structure melts or breaks down) of over 220º Celsius.



Energrease LC 2-M is used for wheel bearings, chassis and marine situations where water washout is a problem. It's also used for plain or roller bearings operating at temperatures up to a continuous rating of 150º Celsius.

Energrease LMS EP 23

Energrease LMS EP 23 is a water resistant epoxy grease incorporating three per cent molybdenum disulphide and anti-oxidation additives.



Energrease LMS EP 23 is ideal for a wide range of automotive and industrial applications. It's also suitable for the heavy duty use in the mining industry.

Energrease LS EP 0, EP 1 & EP 2

Energrease LS EP 0, EP 1, EP 2 are high quality, lithium based greases incorporating epoxy additives, and oxidation and corrosion inhibitors to ensure long service life and protection for ferrous surfaces.


The product range is water resistant, has multi-purpose capabilities and performs over a temperature range of 30º Celsius to 120º Celsius.




Energrease LS EP 0, EP 1, EP 2 are suitable for a variety of automotive, industrial and marine requirements, including LS EP 0 centralised lubrication systems.


It's also suitable for LS EP 0 and LS EP 1 track rollers and automated lubrication systems.

Energrease LS 3

Energrease LS 3 is a heavy-duty grease containing oxidation and corrosion inhibitors which help ensure long service life and a high level of protection for ferrous surfaces.




Energrease LS 3 is suitable for plain or rolling-contact bearings where an NLGI 3 grease is suitable and an extreme pressure grease is not required.


It's suitable for use where vibration can be a severe problem. It has an operating temperature range of 30º Celsius to 120º Celsius.

Energrease MP-MG 2

Energrease MP-MG 2 is a calcuim sulfonate complex grease providing excellent performance and superior benefits in a variety of marine applications.


It has a wide range of working temperatures from 30º Celsius to 175º Celsius and a drop point (the temperature at which the grease structure melts or breaks down) of 300º Celsius.


High resistance to water wash-off and strong adhesion properties means there is reduced 'fling off'.


Energrease MP-MG 2 has excellent corrosion resistance and is solvent and lead free. Good lubrication of small- to medium-sized bearings means it is generally used in marine equipment at shaft speeds up to 6000 revolutions per minute at 140º Celsius.




Energrease MP-MG 2 is suitable for ball, roller, needle and journal bearings as well as wire ropes and open gears generally used in marine equipment.

Energrease RCG

Energrease RCG is a lithium based, smooth, black grease fortified with molybdenum disulphide and friction modifiers that provide wear protection and noise reduction.


It has good pumpability at low temperatures with excellent adhesion properties to assist in resisting water wash-off and reducing grease creep.




Energrease RCG is designed to protect rails and wheel flanges against wear on curved and tangent railway tracks.


It can be used in wayside and on-board lubricators that apply grease to the rail and allow wheel flanges to spread the grease along the track for several kilometres.

Mine Grease LM EP 680

Mine Grease LM EP 680 is an extreme pressure, lithium grease formulated with specially selected additives, including three per cent molybdenum disulphide. This provides superior protection under arduous operating conditions.




Mine Grease LM EP 680 is used for heavily loaded plain and anti-friction bearings used in construction, earthmoving and mining equipment.


It provides protection against wear under heavy and shock loads, high temperature and wet environments.

Traction Gear M

Traction Gear M is sodium soap thickened, tacky gear lubricant especially formulated to protect heavily loaded gears in axle-hung locomotive traction motors and other heavy power propulsion systems.


It's approved by General Electric to their specification General Electric D50E8C – Gear Lubricant.




Traction Gear M is used in locomotive power propulsion systems, especially traction gear motors.

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