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Services and products to help improve the performance of your lubricants
ISO 46 and 68; Atlas Copco 8,000 hour drain interval; Kaeser; ISO6743-3 DAG, DAH and DAJ for rotary air compressors.

Detecta Used Oil Diagnosis

When you rely on vehicles and mechanical equipment, any unexpected downtime can cost you dearly. But you can detect mechanical faults before they become a problem with BP Detecta used oil diagnosis.


Detecta is an advanced method of analysing oil samples and receiving an accurate and complete laboratory diagnosis that traces the source of potential problems.

Analysis of this sort can discover and identify tiny amounts of sub-microscopic wear metals and helps point the finger at potential problems.



All you do is take a used oil sample, complete the sample details form and mail it to the Detecta laboratory. Everything you need to do is contained in the Detecta Kit, including the postage paid packaging.

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Commercial fuels & lubricants offer

Our commercial fuels team can work with Castrol to provide a combined fuels and lubricants offer to commercial customers.