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BP Plus Bunker fuel card

Run a truck or bus fleet? Tap into a national network of Bunker sites, handy fleet management tools and excellent driver benefits with a BP Plus Bunker fuel card.

  • Maximum convenience for your drivers
  • Around 600 bunker sites in strategic motorway and ‘A’ road locations
  • Total control of fuel costs for you
  • From competitively-priced fuel to fleet management tools
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Bunker site fuel cards are ideal for long-range drivers, bunker sites for truck drivers offer everything they need

Welcome to the BP Plus Bunker Fuel Card

If you want a fuel card that’s tailor-made for larger vehicles – like trucks, HGVs and buses – offering an outstanding bunker network and all kinds of ways to help you drive down and control costs, take a look at BP Plus Bunker.




Around 600 Bunker sites

To reduce dead mileage, we offer a large national network that includes around 600 Bunker sites, the majority of which are designed for HGVs with high-speed pumps, wide lanes and extra-high canopies. Even better, most of these are on motorways and ‘A’ roads, minimising the need for costly detours.




Take total control of fuel costs

You'll have the option to pay a competitive fixed weekly price at Bunker HGV sites. You’ll have constant control over exactly what your drivers are spending, as you’ll have online fleet management tools that help you identify opportunities to help you reduce the total cost of ownership of your fleet. View transactions by vehicle, create fuel reports, order new cards and more – all from the comfort of your desktop.




Is BP Plus Bunker right for my fleet?

BP Plus Bunker fuel card is extremely flexible, so it suits all kinds of fleets. As a cost-effective alternative to running your own bunker network, it’s ideal for companies of any size that use trucks and/or buses.




Reasons to choose BP Plus Bunker

  • Advanced security features, including 24/7 alerts and 100% online authorisation of fuel transactions
  • Online fuel consumption reporting tools that help you establish ways to manage and reduce costs
  • A range of pricing to suit your business needs
  • HMRC-approved invoices for hassle-free VAT claims
  • A dedicated account manager with extensive truck and bus fleet expertise to provide tailored advice
  • Experts in fuel to keep your vehicles on the move