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BP Supercharge

BP Supercharge fuel card for fleets needing a maximum amount of sites.

The powerful, convenient fuel card that's perfect for areas with fewer BP sites.

With access to over 7,600 sites in UK, including more than over 1,200 BP sites and all major fuel brands your drivers can easily fuel up anywhere, without detour.

Is this card for my fleet?

BP Supercharge suits every fleet, no matter the size and type. It's an ideal pick as the backup card to a BP Plus or BP Plus Bunker card, with its extensive acceptance network and simple pricing.



Over 7,600 sites

Acceptance network for BP Supercharge is so extensive, it's the equivalent of almost 9 out of 10 UK forecourts. This includes all major fuel brands, motorways and supermarkets, so your drivers are always nearby a fill up point, without the need to detour.



No transaction fees

Pay only the pump price and save thousands in transaction fees with BP Supercharge. Track your fuel spend, order and cancel your cards via a simple online tool.



Reasons to choose BP Supercharge

  1. Complete control over fleet spend with customisable card parameters, allowing your drivers to pay for fuel and other vehicle-related goods.
  2. Less time spent on managing the bills with e-billing sent directly to your email and HMRC-compliant weekly invoices for hassle-free VAT claims.
  3. Clear pricing and simple payment terms to help with cash flow (subject to credit status).
  4. Rewards for frequent card users with BPme Rewards points earned on every BP transaction.
  5. Save money thanks to competitively low annual fee per card.

Benefit of BP Supercharge fuel card in 3 easy steps