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BP Fuel & Charge

Simplify your future

One easy choice today for an advanced fleet tomorrow. Combined fuelling and charging in one fuel card.


Advancements in fuel technology, a wider range of electric vehicles, and new and changing emission legislation all mean more choices for your fleet than ever before. Choose the best option for your fleet. Connect to charging networks and fuel stations on your key route with one simple card. Combined quality fuels and electric vehicle charging with the Fuel & Charge Card.

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Simplify your future

One card


Add power and multiple benefits to your fleet with the Fuel & Charge card.

Access BP networks for easy refuelling or recharging and save time with no need for separate contracts or collecting invoices while on the road. For a clear view of expenses, EV charging and refuelling have been combined. 

You also benefit from UK manufactured products with end-to-end support which include installation and 24/7 technical support for home and workplace charging units. 

Easily locate convenient charging stations with the BP Fuel & Charge app. No more range anxiety for you and your fleet with the Fuel & Charge card.


One invoice

Save time on paperwork with just one invoice for all energy products, so you can focus on other business priorities.



Stay on the move

Our complete service keeps your fleet on the move.


The Fuel & Charge card is your key to a convenient and comprehensive network for your fleet’s on-road fuelling and charging. Power your fleet with the UK’s largest public charging network and BP fuel sites located on major routes. For home and office charging, we have you covered with BP pulse – providing end-to-end support from installation to 24/7 customer service.


However your fleet operates, we can help you meet emission legislation and access emerging fuels where you need them.

Get the charging speed you need

Access a full range of charging points catered to your various power requirements. From fast to rapid and ultra-fast charging, BP has the right option for you.

Normal charging

Fast charging

3-22 kW

Usually charges in 3-4 hours

Fast charging

Rapid charging

50 kW

Usually charges in 30-40 minutes

Ultra-fast charging

Ultra-fast charging

150 kW

Ultra-fast charging for the latest and next generations of Evs

Home and workplace charging solutions

BP helps with managing EV installations for businesses and drivers at home the workplace. Enjoy a broad offer of British owned and made units that are installed and supported with BP pulse services.


Wall mounted, neat and simple charger. Ideal for small businesses.


Compact and flexible. Position them exactly where you need them.


Slim and easy to install. Enhancement for business car parks.


Next generation rapid charging. Perfect for fast charging.

*suitable for home charging
**wall mounted or floor standing

Choose from a variety of charging locations

The Fuel & Charge offer has the right solutions wherever you are. With an on the road network, an ever-increasing amount of high-speed charging points in the UK, and home installation options, your drivers don’t have to worry where to charge next.

Keep your fleet on the move with BP Fuel & Charge App

Find the nearest, quickest and most convenient charging points with the free Fuel & Charge App.

With the Fuel & Charge App you can:


  • Locate nearest available charging sites
  • Find connector types by car model
  • Check charging costs
  • Confirm opening hours and CPO name
  • Verify exact distance to the nearest charging point
  • Filter by connector type, kilowatt power and availability
With the Fuel and Charge App you can

Benefit from BP Fuel & Charge with 3 easy steps