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Car & van fleet solutions

No matter what size your fleet or what type of vehicles it includes, bp will design a bespoke fleet solution for your business with competitive fuel pricing and a range of fleet management tools.

Move up a gear with bp fleet solutions


Your fleet is unique. That’s why you need a range of fleet solutions that work for your business. bp will tailor a package of features and benefits with exactly the right balance of savings, convenience and services. Many fleets like yours also include trucks and buses, and that’s why our flexible and tailored fleet solutions can easily be adapted to complement whatever mix of vehicles you’re running. First we will work with your team to understand more about your fleet business and operations, then we will use our expertise to recommend the perfect blend of industry solutions for you.

Benefits of bp fleet solutions for cars & vans


With bp you’re in the driving seat as we work hand in hand with you to support your fleet on its energy transition journey. You’ll have access to dedicated account support, competitive pricing, flexible payment terms and a range of fleet tools such as fleet cards, online management solutions, data analytic technologies and advanced security features. 

Core advantages


  • Fuel up at 1,200 bp branded and 2,200 partner sites, charge EVs at 12,000+ charge points across UK* – even pay with one card
  • Competitive prices to ensure cost savings at all bp branded sites
  • Fill up and pay later with no interest or hidden fees
  • Enhanced sustainability with lower-carbon fuel alternatives and carbon offsetting with bp Target Neutral

Secure card control


  • Set your own pin and change it online, with no need to request a pin mailer
  • Set parameters to control spending and detect fraud.
If any card is used outside the parameters, you will be immediately alerted
  • Cancel, order or block any card at a moment’s notice

Fleet management tools


  • bp Account Manager online tools make it easy to manage your cards, customise reporting and control costs
  • See all your transactions in one place, regardless of the purchase
  • Analyse fleet performance with bp FleetExpert online 
  • Get access to secure vehicle parking, plus automatic payment to some UK tolls

BPme Rewards**


  • Points earned can be redeemed as discounts on fuel, at M&S Simply Food and Wild Bean Cafe, at bp forecourts or with our online partners
  • Drivers receive bonus BPme Rewards points on registration
  • Drivers can link their fuel card to the BPme app to pay for fuel and AdBlue at bp pumps

Applying couldn’t be easier 

Simply fill in our online form, and one of our fleet experts will be in touch.



At bp, we have expert knowledge and experience of helping fleets transition to electric mobility. More and more fleet managers are embracing the cost and fuel emissions savings of EVs. Around 52% of fleets have started operating EVs, and 54% of those fleets that haven’t yet adopted zero emission motoring will do so in the next 5 years.*** 


To ensure a smooth transition to electric mobility, you need access to a high-quality network of depot charging solutions across the UK and Europe to keep your fleet powered and moving at all times. That’s what you get with bp fleet solutions.

Fuel & Charge


Fuel & Charge is a solution for mixed fleets that cuts fuel costs, reduces paperwork and enables your drivers to earn rewards.

Your card gives you access to over 12,000 charge points in the UK and 460,000 in Europe. Using just one card to meet all your energy needs makes life easier and minimises the complexity of switching your fleet to EVs.

Introducing bp pulse


bp pulse provides the energy to shape your EV transformation around your everyday, so you can accelerate towards a more efficient future.

After a decade at the forefront of charging in the UK, our unparalleled experience, scale and range of charging solutions will help us guide you to the right EV rollout for your business or organisation, no matter its shape or size.

Other low-carbon solutions


To help us achieve our bold vision of a lower-carbon world, we are working hard to develop alternative fuels and a new infrastructure that can deliver these energies more efficiently.


To help you on your journey to lower carbon, we are focused on providing a range of further technology options: renewable diesel (also known as HVO), biomethane (bio-LNG and bio-CNG) and hydrogen.

Strengthen your business with our tools and products

bp Fuel and Charge network


Find out which of our fuel cards best suits the needs and scope of your fleet.

Simplify operations


Reduce the complexity of your daily operations with our convenient site network and on-road services.

Improve efficiency


Control your costs and maximise your performance with our digital tools.