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Truck & bus bp fleet solutions

With bp, you’ll benefit from an extensive network of refuelling and charging sites in the UK and across Europe, dedicated account support, competitive pricing, progressive decarbonisation initiatives and tools to improve fleet efficiency.

Your truck & bus fleet, your rules

As the make-up of your fleet is totally unique, bp will tailor a package of offers and benefits specifically for you. Your bespoke solution will give you access to a set of digital tools to help improve efficiency and optimise daily operations for your fleet, including bp Account Manager online, FleetExpert and innovative In-Truck Connect payment.

Many fleets like yours also include cars and vans, and that’s why our flexible and tailored fleet solutions can easily be adapted to complement whatever mix of vehicles you’re running. Before we make any recommendations, we listen and understand the complexity of your fleet's operations. Only then we can create the right blend of industry-leading solutions for your business.

Benefits of bp fleet solutions for trucks & buses

With bp you’re in the driving seat as we work hand in hand with you to support your fleet on its energy transition journey. You’ll have access to dedicated account support, competitive pricing, flexible payment terms and a range of fleet tools such as fleet cards, online management solutions, data analytic technologies and advanced security features. 

Convenient payments

  • Fill up and pay later with no interest or hidden fees

  • New In-Truck Connect – an app-based payment solution

  • Competitive pricing to ensure cost savings at all bp branded sites

Core truck & bus bp solutions

  • Over 3,400 fuel sites, including more than 500 Bunker sites with facilities designed for HGVs*
  • More motorway service stations in the UK than any other brand and excellent coverage on the most popular A-roads.
  • Competitive pricing to ensure cost savings at all bp branded sites

Truck fleet management online 

  • bp Account Manager online tools give you extra control, making it easy to manage cards, build reports and reduce costs
  • Manage your fleet with total transparency 24/7 using HMRC-approved VAT invoices
  • Gather actionable insights from bp FleetExpert online services
  • Get access to secure truck parking, specialist truck washing and automatic payment at some UK tolls

New levels of truck fleet security

  • Each driver’s card is protected by a unique 4-digit PIN which can be changed online. This enables irregular use to be quickly identified
  • Set parameters to control spending and detect fraud. Any transactions outside those parameters and you will be notified immediately
  • Cancel, order or block any card at a moment’s notice
Applying couldn’t be easier

Simply fill in our online form and one of our fleet experts will be in touch.

bp Network


Your drivers have access to the largest network of branded motorway service stations in the UK, with cards accepted at Esso, Texaco and Gulf. If your drivers cross into Europe, rest assured they can harness the convenience of a huge network spanning 24,000 sites in 32 European countries. ROUTEX is an international network alliance between Aral, bp, Circle K, Eni and OMV which you can access with a bp + Aral fuel card. Keep your drivers happy with quality sites and truck-ready stops conveniently located on motorways and main logistics routes.

bp FleetExpert


bp FleetExpert gives you super-fast insight into fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and more. Gain knowledge and make decisions about your fleet’s efficiencies with the help of technical data. Benefit from insight into your total cost of fleet ownership, with all costs integrated into one handy tool that is accessible through a single, user-friendly dashboard. Fuel consumption is displayed alongside accident repairs, leases, telephone bills, tolls and other costs. Creating flexible reports with this information is then easy.

bp Tollbox for EETS


Since 2018, the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) has made it possible for drivers to pay for tolls in different countries using only one device. With a single state-of-the-art on-board unit (OBU) in combination with a bp + Aral fuel card and additional on-road services, you can make the lives of your drivers easier. Let bp become your trusted EETS Tollbox supplier, as well as your partner for other mobility fleet solutions.

bp On-Road Services


Easily access a multitude of services such as international truck repair and towing services, car washes for your vehicle and tank or secure parking places for trucks. All without cash in your pocket or unnecessary paperwork. 


Manage tolls and other on-road services from a single online dashboard while taking advantage of other helpful services like cash-free settlement of tolls and ferry crossings across Europe. 

In-Truck Connect


bp In-Truck Connect is an easy-to-use app-based solution that helps you reduce complexity, streamlining the refuelling process and keeping your vehicles moving. It integrates into selected truck dashboards with no need for additional hardware, automatically authorising payments and sending you accurate fuel data. 


Making life easier for fleet managers, this solution reduces the risk of admin mistakes and also removes the need for drivers to enter their mileage themselves.

Lower-carbon fuel alternatives


To help us achieve our bold vision of a lower-carbon world, we are focused on alternative energy sources, such as electrification and a new infrastructure that can deliver these energies more efficiently.


Helping you on your journey to lower carbon, we are focused on providing four technology options: renewable diesel (also known as HVO), biomethane (bio-LNG and bio-CNG), EV charging solutions via bp pulse, and hydrogen. 

Strengthen your business with our tools and products

bp Fuel and Charge network


Find out which of our fuel cards best suits the needs and scope of your fleet.

Simplify operations


Reduce the complexity of your daily operations with our convenient site network and on-road services.

Improve fleet efficiency


Control your costs and maximise your performance with our digital tools.