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bp In-Truck Connect

The fast, easy, secure way to refuel your truck without stepping out of the vehicle.

Helping you deliver, faster

bp In-Truck Connect is an easy-to-use refuelling app which integrates into selected truck dashboards with no need for additional hardware. It automatically authorises* payments and sends you accurate fuel data** – giving you and your drivers the tools to keep things moving and easily manage fleet performance.

With the bp In-Truck Connect app you can:

  • Boost visibility of your fleet with easy monitoring of mileage and fuel spend
  • Save time, with no physical cards to manage and distribute
  • Safeguard against fraud 
  • Streamline processes with a single invoice for all fuelling charges and an easy‑to‑use portal to view your vehicle's information
  • Minimise mistakes by automating manual processes, including odometer readings
  • Improve reliability and give your drivers a helping hand by making refuelling quick and easy

Safeguard against fraud

One of the key benefits of bp In-Truck Connect is it’s Secure Fuelling functionality.


This built-in feature allows you to see the exact amount of fuel the pump has dispensed, compared with the fuel level increase that the truck registers – reducing the risk of fuel fraud. It also helps you keep on top of costs, to minimize total cost of ownership (TCO) across your fleet.


As Secure Fuelling requires no additional hardware (such as black boxes or on-board units) to be installed, the solution works as soon as it’s activated. This way, you can avoid costly workshop visits and vehicle downtime. 

Fill up and go

bp In-Truck Connect automates manual tasks, helping to simplify your driver's day.


The bp In-Truck Connect app helps your drivers to:


  • Get back on the road with quick, safe refuelling
  • Keep things simple, with no physical card to carry and no need to remember odometer readings
  • Improve security by automatically authorising* payments, with no need to leave their vehicle unattended to enter the shop to pay

How does it work?


Using the bp In-Truck Connect app couldn’t be simpler. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Step 1


Once at the service station, the driver uses the In-Truck Connect app to locate and connect to the station via GPS

Step 2


They unlock the pump and refuel their vehicle as normal

Step 3


Once finished, a secure payment is automatically authorised**

*Subject to terms and conditions
**Based on the vehicle's onboard computer

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