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bp In-Truck Connect

The fast, easy, secure way to refuel your truck without stepping out of the vehicle.

Helping you deliver, faster

bp In-Truck Connect is an easy-to-use refuelling app which integrates into selected truck dashboards with no need for additional hardware. It automatically authorises* payments and sends you accurate fuel data** – giving you and your drivers the tools to keep things moving and easily manage fleet performance.

With the bp In-Truck Connect app you can:

  • Boost visibility of your fleet with easy monitoring of mileage and fuel spend
  • Save time, with no physical cards to manage and distribute
  • Streamline processes with a single invoice for all fuelling charges and an easy‑to‑use portal to view your vehicle's information
  • Minimise mistakes by automating manual processes, including odometer readings
  • Improve reliability and give your drivers a helping hand by making refuelling quick and easy

Fill up and go

bp In-Truck Connect automates manual tasks, helping to simplify your driver's day.


The bp In-Truck Connect app helps your drivers to:


  • Get back on the road with quick, safe refuelling
  • Keep things simple, with no physical card to carry and no need to remember odometer readings
  • Improve security by automatically authorising* payments, with no need to leave their vehicle unattended to enter the shop to pay

How does it work?


Using the bp In-Truck Connect app couldn’t be simpler. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Step 1


Once at the service station, the driver uses the In-Truck Connect app to locate and connect to the station via GPS

Step 2


They unlock the pump and refuel their vehicle as normal

Step 3


Once finished, a secure payment is automatically authorised**

*Subject to terms and conditions
**Based on the vehicle's onboard computer

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