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One invoice for fleet fuel expenditures

To make fleet management even easier, fuel and EV transactions are combined into one invoice.

Streamline payment processing with bp invoices

We understand that managing endless receipts for on‑the‑road purchases made by your drivers can often get in the way of other more important priorities. Save time and reduce paperwork with one invoice for all fuel costs – so you can focus on the other areas of your business.

Switch to consolidated invoices

Benefits of consolidated invoicing

bp fuel invoices are VAT deductible

Vehicle-related goods and services purchased on the road are all consolidated in one place, giving you a clear view of on‑the‑road fleet costs. 

You can cut down on receipts

Save time on manually tracking your fleet expenses with fewer paper receipts. Invoices are viewable online for more effective management.

Monitor fuel costs online

View and download full reports on fuel consumption, plus driver purchases and fuel card usage, so you can effortlessly monitor your fleet.

Switch bp to e-billing

Current bp customers can choose to receive electronic billing that includes an approved VAT invoice for your fleet. 

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