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bp FleetExpert software for managing fleets

Analyse fleet costs through a single dashboard and make complex fleet management tasks easier.

Why bp FleetExpert?

bp FleetExpert gives you super-fast insight into fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and more. Gain knowledge and make decisions about your fleet’s efficiencies with the help of technical data – essential for comprehensive fleet management.


  • Stay informed with real-time updates on all card transactions and fuel card details
  • Make the right choices faster with detailed and accurate data
  • Create flexible reports in a way that suits your needs

Complete control over your fleet costs with bp FleetExpert

bp FleetExpert can be used to manage smaller and larger fleets. You can also gain insight into the total cost of ownership for EVs, whenever you choose to start your electrification journey. 

A single, user-friendly dashboard 


Fuel consumption is displayed alongside accident repairs, leases, telephone bills, tolls and other costs.

Information that’s important to you


Easily switch off data feeds that aren't necessary for your business.

Easily create reports 


Use the drag and drop function to group your data and make reports the way you prefer. 

FleetExpert: Integrated fuel transactions and data

All functions available on bp Online Services are integrated in bp FleetExpert so you can easily manage, cancel, block or request new cards. 


The system synchronises your account data with all transactions, which are processed and integrated in one dashboard.


All relevant contacts, such as customers, insurance and garages are stored in the program.

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