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Maximise engine performance with bp fuels and lubricants

We offer a range of quality regular and advanced-performance premium fuels and lubricants, so our customers have a choice.

bp Ultimate Unleaded and Diesel fuels with ACTIVE technology 

Our advanced-performance fuel, bp Ultimate with ACTIVE technology, helps keep vehicles performing at their best and running smoothly and efficiently.  With ongoing use, bp Ultimate helps: 


  • Improve vehicle efficiency, taking you further between fill-ups*
  • Reduce the risk of unplanned maintenance and breakdowns**
  • Deliver a smooth driving experience**
  • Engines perform at their best**


bp Ultimate is available for both regular and diesel vehicles. 

Find the best fuel for your fleet

Looking for a different solution? 

Refill Adblue conveniently

Adblue is a type of diesel exhaust fluid created to help HGVs and other large vehicles reduce emissions. 


Your fleet's AdBlue needs are covered with bp. You can find AdBlue canisters and pumps for HGVs at strategically located bp sites across the UK and Europe.

Choose Castrol lubricants

Protect your engines and maintain the vehicle performance of your fleet with Castrol's range of high-quality lubricants available across the bp stations network. Castrol supplies lubricants for various types of vehicles, including EVs and HGVs.

Need solutions for your most pressing fleet management needs?

* For Ultimate Diesel based on engines tested in dirty vs cleaned condition and for Ultimate Unleaded vs RON95. Benefits vary based on what and how you drive.
** Benefits achieved over time and may vary based on what and how you drive.