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Employee stories


Read the exciting career journeys of some colleagues of bp in Hungary

Collecting money from customers while maintaining a good relationship with them. Read Brigi's story here.

Working as a Supply Analyst while doing his best to support the company in realizing its aims. Read Marci's story here.

Rejoining bp after 3 years, Dóri works as a Senior Sourcing Specialist. She says returning bp feels like she'd never left. Read Dóri's story here.

Accounting for gas transactions happening in the US, while developing professionally and pursuing her passion for ice-hockey. Read Móni's story here.

Working as a supply analyst while continuously seeking opportunities to broaden his horizon. Read Balázs's story here.

Supporting German fuel card customers while being a brand and an ergonomics ambassador. Read Zsófi's story here.

Becoming a team leader at a young age has its rewards and challenges too. Read Jani's story here.

Starting a career at bp with a sociology degree and working in shifts to support the American business. Read Emese's story here.

Having a great work-life balance while working in the field of accounting. Read Noémi's story here.

Supporting petrochemical sites across Europe from the city of Szeged. Read Ádám's story here.