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Need help?

Call 0800 800 027 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) or check out these videos or guides.


Video tutorials and how-to guides

Introduction to bp Fuelcard Online
Introduction to bp Fuelcard Online
Run reports
How to run reports
Managing recurring reports
Managing recurring reports
Order and update a Fuelcard
Order and update a bp Fuelcard
Fuelcards in bulk
Order and update Fuelcards in bulk
Find and export transactions
How to find and export transactions

Complaint Process

We are always looking for ways to improve our bp Fuelcard service to you. If something has gone wrong, we want to know.  Please send an email to customerenquiries@se1.bp.com and tell us what has happened and how we can resolve matters. If you have any documents or correspondence that will help us understand your complaint, please attach them to the email. When we receive your complaint, we will:

  • Acknowledge your complaint within 1-2 working days.     
  • Gather and evaluate information about your complaint.     
  • Respond to you within 20 working days.

Alternatively you can call us on 0800 800 027.


Taking a Complaint Further

If we cannot agree on how to resolve the complaint, you can contact Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL). FSCL are an independent, not-for-profit, external dispute resolution scheme approved by the Minister of Consumer Affairs. FSCL’s service does not cost you anything and they will help resolve the complaint. 


You can contact FSCL by calling 0800 347 257; by emailing complaints@fscl.org.nz; through FSCL’s website: www.fscl.org.nz; or by writing to: FSCL PO Box 5967 WELLINGTON 6011.

Frequently asked questions


bp Fuelcard applications

Why should I apply for a bp Fuelcard account?

With the bp Fuelcard you can pump, swipe and save! We have over 200 service stations and over 58 truckstops, a large network of port and inland terminals, and a large shareholding in the refinery and specialist coastal ship company. With unwavering focus on providing the highest quality products and services, we are committed to meet the energy needs of your business. 


With bp Fuelcard you can enjoy the following benefits, resting assured you are doing business the clever way! 

  • Lower operating costs. Save a minimum of 9 cents per litre off the pump price on all fuels at each of our sites 
  • Cash flow flexibility. Make planning ahead easy with a direct debit on the 10th of the month, giving you up to 41-day credit terms 
  • The ability to pay your Fuelcard bill via credit card. Take advantage of extended credit terms which may be available through your credit card provider, potential to earn rewards through your credit card provider and the ability to make ad-hoc credit card payments at your convenience. Please note, merchant service fees may apply to credit card payments
  • Fuel payment from inside your vehicle via the BPme app 
  • No detours. With more than 350 sites nationwide (including G.A.S and RD Petroleum) and 80 high flow diesel sites, we keep your business moving 
  • 24/7 control at your fingertips. With bp Fuelcard Online you can order new cards, set purchase limits, create custom reporting, manage security, and much more 
  • Preorder and pay for your coffee via the BPme app 
We understand at bp New Zealand the need to keep moving your business, which is why we have more than 400 sites nationwide (including G.A.S and RD Petroleum) and 80 high flow diesel sites. Less detours? Welcome to easy!
All cards come with PIN security, additional security features such as odometer readings and authorisation numbers can also be applied.
For each card you have for your business, there is a $1.25 flat fee per month. There are no transaction fees incurred when using a bp Fuelcard.

You'll need to have the following information handy: 

  • Your business details (including business type, key contact person and the usual address details/phone numbers) 
  • Estimate of monthly fuel spend (type of fuel used, litres and/or dollar spend) 
  • Direct debit information and approval OR credit card details (if choosing to pay via credit card) 
  • Details of at least one driver or vehicle who will use the bp Fuelcard 
  • Details of company directors (including names, home addresses, phone numbers, date of birth) 
Once an application is received, the general turnaround time is between 5 and 10 business days.  

You sure can! Through BP Fuelcard Online, you can either; 

  • Use your credit card to make one-off payments to reduce the balance of an account at any time.
  • You may use your credit card as an ongoing payment method – instead of a nominated bank account.
  • You can quickly and easily set your credit card as the ongoing payment method on several accounts by changing them all at once.


We currently accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Credit card transactions will incur a merchant service fee of 0.90% for VISA and 1.07% for MasterCard. These merchant service fees will be charged on your next month’s invoice as a separate line item called “NZ Credit Card Service Fee”. Pay your account with an American Express Card and pay no Card service fees. Terms and conditions apply and can be found here.


For more information on credit card payments, click here for specific credit card FAQs. 

Card management

To order a bp Fuelcard, visit bp Fuelcard Online.  

  1. Click "Cards" under "Quick Links" on the right-hand side of the "Home" menu .
  2. Click "Order New Card".
  3. On the "Card & Driver Details" screen you can customize your card. This required section allows you to input all card details, including any purchase controls and restrictions. 
  4. Select whether you would like to receive any exception reports based on transaction value and litres purchased.  


Please allow three to five business days for your card to be delivered.  


For more information, please read How to order and update a bp Fuelcard user guide.

If you wish to apply purchase restrictions on products and services that can be purchased using the bp Fuelcard, set a transaction purchase limit or allocate the times that purchases are only allowed to happen, then follow these simple steps:  

  1. Login into bp Fuelcard Online
  2. Select "Find and Update Cards" under "Cards" in the main menu or from the "Manage Your Cards" panel on the homepage.
  3. Search for the card you need by entering a keyword or using the "Advanced Search Options" panel to refine the search criteria.
  4. Press "Search Cards".
  5. Refer to the "Cards Found" and select the card number or details that meet your request.
  6. A drop-down option of choices will appear. Press "Edit Card"
  7. The "Edit Card" screen will appear. Fill out the appropriate fields if you wish to modify card information. Continue to scroll down to "Purchase Restrictions" to allow the purchase of only selected products and services.
  8. After you have completed the purchase restrictions you wish to apply, press continue at the bottom of the page. Continue the next steps to finalize your changes made in the first section until you reach "Review Changes" which will provide you with a summary of the card with your proposed changes highlighted or if you wish to modify unusual activity limits continue with the following steps.
  9. The next page gives you the option to modify unusual activity limits. When an unusual activity limit is exceeded, an expectation note is created without stopping the purchase. These expectations can be reviewed regularly in an emailed report that you can set up later.
  10. Select, modify, or change the fields which you require and when finished press continue.
  11. If you require to modify or change your delivery address, make the changes in this page. You can either select the account address displayed on the left-hand side of the page or add a new address or add a new address by filling in the fields.
  12. Press "Continue".
  13. Review all changes you have made and if satisfied then click the confirm button to save your changes.
  14. Congratulations. The changes you’ve made to your card have been successfully applied. Below is confirmation of the details that now apply to your card.  

Did you know? 

Should you change either the driver name or vehicle description, this card will have to be re-issued.  Purchase restrictions, as well as other card details, are encoded onto the magnetic strip on the back of the card. Any

changes made to the card purchase restriction fields will result in the card being reissued. 

bp Fuelcard customers are unable to change their PIN at our service stations but can be changed by visiting bp Fuelcard Online  and following the prompts below. Alternatively, call customer support between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday on 0800 800 027 or see the how-to guides  for more information.


If you choose to change your PIN online or over the phone with customer support, after the change has been effective, a new card will be re-issued (if the customer is authorized on the account).  

  1. Open bp Fuelcard Online and login using your credentials.
  2. Select "Find and Update Cards" under "Cards" in the main menu or from the "Manage Your Cards" panel on the homepage.
  3. Search for the card you need by entering a keyword or using the "Advanced Search Options" panel to refine the search criteria.
  4. Select the card whose PIN you want to update from the list displayed and make your changes on the "Change PIN" screen.
  5. Select "Save Changes".  


If you have entered your PIN incorrectly after three attempts, you will be suspended from using the card for three to four hours.  

If your bp Fuelcard has been lost or stolen, you must notify bp immediately.  The easiest way to do this is to log into bp Fuelcard Online and change the card status to "Lost" or "Stolen".  

  1. Click on “Cards” in the menu at the top of the screen and select “Find and Update Cards” .
  2. Search for, then click on, the card number requiring the change.
  3. Then click "Change Status". 
  4. In the “Change Status To” field select either “Lost” or “Stolen”.
  5. Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.


Please note: Changes to a card’s status will come into effect immediately, meaning that use of that card labelled as lost or stolen will be declined.  


Alternatively, call customer support between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday on 0800 800 027 or  read the how-to guides.

To cancel your bp Fuelcard, visit bp Fuelcard Online and change the card status to “Deleted”. Please note that any changes will come into effect immediately. 

  1.  Select "Find and Update Cards" under "Cards" in the main menu or from the "Manage Your Cards" panel on the homepage. Search for the card you need by entering a keyword or using the "Advanced Search Options" panel to refine the search criteria. 
  2. Press "Search Cards". 
  3. The cards found should drop down and display the cards that have resulted from the search.
  4. Click on the card under the card number in the far-left column on the screen. 
  5. A drop-down selection of choices should appear, in which press "Change Status".
  6. On the screen, you will see a section called "Change Card Status". This is where you can select to cancel or delete your card or many other options regarding the status of your card.
  7. Select the time frame you want to make the card effective from. Either immediately or on a later date.
  8. Press save changes.  


Yes! You can enjoy all the benefits of BPme, including paying from your vehicle and pre-ordering coffee by linking your bp Fuelcard to your BPme app. To do this:

  1. Download the BPme app onto your phone.
  2. Add your bp Fuelcard to the BPme app.
  3. Create a four digit passcode to authorize transactions. For security, we recommend that this passcode is different to your bp Fuelcard PIN.
  4. Wait for approval from the bp Fuelcard’s account owner or your company’s fleet manager before you transact with BPme. This may be taking a while because this person is on holiday or hasn’t checked their emails. We recommend following up with this person as there is nothing bp can do to speed up this process.

Please note, you can only have one bp Fuelcard loaded onto your BPme app. Additionally, bp Fuelcard cannot be used in conjunction with any reward cards. 

Not every bp Fuelcard is eligible for Pay in Car (it may be due to your company not wanting drivers to use it on their phones or some other commercial agreement). If you are unable to add your bp Fuelcard, you can also add your own credit or debit card to BPme (plus your Everyday Rewards card for savings!).
Not quite. Only bp branded sites will accept BPme Pay in Car, (so please don’t get rid of your plastic card!). You can check which sites accept Pay in Car by using the "Find a bp" function in BPme.

Purchases made on the BPme app using a bp Fuelcard are subject to the same restrictions as your plastic card. If your purchase isn’t working, it may be because of:

  • restrictions on which fuels you can purchase
  • restrictions on non-fuel items such as coffee or food
  • the dollar and transaction limit of the bp Fuelcard

bp Fuelcard Online

Any authorised contact listed on a bp Fuelcard account can request a username and password online.  

You can change your password or request a new logon via the home page of bp Fuelcard Online. Please note, you are unable to change your username via bp Fuelcard Online. 


To update your password:  

  1. Navigate to the “Update Your Account” box on the homepage of your bp Fuelcard Online account and select “Password”.
  2. Make the changes to your password details.
  3. Click “Change Password”. 

To request a new logon:  

  1. Navigate to the “Update Your Account” box on the homepage of your bp Fuelcard Online account, and select “Logons”.
  2. Fill out the form for the person requiring access to the bp Fuelcard Online account.
  3. Click “Request a Logon”. Please note, a new logon can only be requested for an existing authorised contact of your account. 


You are currently unable to change your username within bp Fuelcard Online. Most usernames are:

  1. the first two letters of your first name
  2. followed by the first four letters of your surname
  3. followed by the last two digits of your customer number


For example, if your name was John Smith and the last two digits of your customer number were 57 your username should be: josmit57 


For more assistance, please call customer service between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday on 0800 800 027. 

To help you be in the driver’s seat of your business, you can quickly produce reports that will provide insights into your fleet. To use this free tool on bp Fuelcard Online, please read how to run a bp Fuelcard online report and how to manage recurring bp Fuelcard online reports


When running a report, an "About This Report" panel will provide an explanation of the selected report to help you choose the correct one for your needs.  

If you’d like to change the bank account you are billed to, please contact customer service on 0800 800 027 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.  They will provide you with a direct debit form, which will need to be completed by the director or main authorised contact and returned to bp's New Zealand accounts department. 


Through bp Fuelcard Online, you can also easily change your ongoing payment method to credit card and also make an ad-hoc credit card payment against your Fuelcard account. For more information on this, click here for the Fuelcard Credit Card Payment Guide.  

If you'd like to close or cancel a bp Fuelcard account you can call customer service on 0800 800 027 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Keep in mind that only the director or main authorised contact has the right to cancel a bp Fuelcard account. You can also read how do I cancel a bp Fuelcard

If you have access to bp Fuelcard Online, you can ask your question in the virtual assistant chat box for fast, real time responses.  You can also read in-depth how-to guides on various common uses of bp Fuelcard Online. 


Alternatively, call customer service between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday on 0800 800 027.  

* Terms and conditions


*The attached Terms & Conditions and Schedule of Fees apply to new customers who apply for a Fuelcard on or after 17 April 2023. For existing Fuelcard customers, these Terms & Conditions and Schedule of Fees will apply from the date notified to them by bp.