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bp Fuelcard

Save 8 cents per litre off the pump price on all fuels at each of our sites
  • Lower operating costs. Save 8 cents per litre off the pump price on all fuels at each of our sites.
  • Cash flow flexibility. Make planning ahead easy with a direct debit on the 10th of the month, giving you up to 41 day credit terms.
  • Fuel payment from inside your vehicle via the BPMe app.
  • No detours. With more than 350 sites nationwide (including G.A.S and RD Petroleum) and 80 High Flow Diesel sites, we keep your business moving.
  • 24/7 control at your fingertips. With Fuelcard Online you can order new cards, set purchase limits, create custom reporting, manage security, and much more. 
  • Preorder and pay for your coffee via the BPMe app.


Need help?

Call 0800 800 027 (Monday - Friday. 9:00 am - 5:00 pm)






bp Fuels
Our best-ever engine cleaning technology has landed. From Regular 91 and Premium 95 to our top of the range bp Ultimate 98 and bp Ultimate Diesel, we’ve got the right fuel no matter what your business needs. Learn more here.

Our growing nationwide AdBlue network gives diesel fleets the support they need to minimise refuelling downtime and manage their emissions, it's a win-win.

Not familiar with AdBlue?

AdBlue is a solution that is used in the exhaust system of many newer diesel vehicles, helping to transform transform fumes into water vapours and Nitrogen, which is already present in the air we breathe. The product is stored in a separate tank to your diesel tank and can be filled using the pumps available at our truck stops across the country.

Locate your nearest AdBlue site using the Find a bp feature of our BPMe app.

bp network
The bp Truckstop network is the largest network of dedicated facilities in New Zealand, with over 55 sites strategically located to provide coverage for major and regional routes, 21 of which also have AdBlue. 
BPMe App
  • Faster fills ups, getting your business back on the road sooner? Check.
  • Paperless receipts automatically emailed to your business? Check.
  • Quickly locate your nearest bp on the move? Check.

Introducing our BPMe app; now selected bp Fuelcard holders can pay for fuel from the comfort of their car.

Time is money, so we’ll get right to the point. We’ve crunched the numbers and we reckon our new app, BPMe, makes bp Fuelcard even handier for your business. Here’s why:


  • BPMe’s unique Pay in Car feature lets your bp Fuelcard holders pay for their fuel from the car so they’re back on the road in next to no time.
  • We’ve shortcut the paper trail. With BPMe, your bp Fuelcard holders can store and view fuel receipts at any time. They can even email them directly to anyone, anytime. No paper, no cards, no worries.
  • Our best-ever GPS site finder gives your drivers the accurate location of the nearest bp site. It’s our first finder that shows our full network of over 250 retail sites and truck stops. That’s more time – and money – saved.



Visit bpme.co.nz for details or call our BPMe support team on 0800 800 027 (option 2).


*Terms and conditions apply. See bpme.co.nz for details. Not all bp Fuelcards are eligible. Only at participating sites.
bp Fuelcard online

bp Fuelcard Online is your business’ personalised online portal. You can simply and effectively manage all of your Fuelcards, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Have an existing bp Fuelcard account?

Click here to register to use bp Fuelcard online.


Need some help to use bp Fuelcard Online?

Watch our online tutorials below.

Use bp Fuelcard online to:


  • Download PDFs of your tax invoices, statements and reports.
  • Create customised reports, with data that can easily be imported into Excel.
  • Order new Fuelcards and cancel existing ones.
  • Maintain your account and card details.
  • Request assistance from our customer service team.

Watch how to use bp Fuelcard online tutorials

Introduction to bp Fuelcard Online
Introduction to bp Fuelcard Online
Run reports
How to run reports
Managing recurring reports
Managing recurring reports
Order and update a Fuelcard
Order and update a bp Fuelcard
Fuelcards in bulk
Order and update Fuelcards in bulk
Find and export transactions
How to find and export transactions
Terms and conditions
Interested in applying for a bp Fuelcard for your business?
Here are the terms and conditions that apply: