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Emergency preparedness for schools

It is our top priority to protect the safety of communities where we operate.

As a responsible neighbor, we reach out to every school located within 600 feet of the pipelines we operate. We want to ensure you are aware of the following:

  • Pipeline location
  • Products transported through the pipeline
  • Signs of a pipeline release
  • How to properly respond to a pipeline leak
  • Emergency phone numbers
  • Materials to include in an emergency response plan

For additional information or to schedule an Emergency Preparedness meeting for your school, please email  BPDamagePrevention@bp.com.

Close up of a flashing stop sign on a school bus. School children are blurred in the background. Focus is on the stop sign.

Bus companies

Please also share the link below with your bus driving company for their awareness.

Where we operate

For an idea of pipeline location in relation to where you are, please choose the state and county below.

A map of bp pipeline locations in the United States

Black lines indicate BP Pipelines (North America) Inc. pipeline locations. Circles represent bpx energy well areas and associated lines.